Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well having moaned about going up hills the other day we (DH, me, kids) and granny and Uncle B and his 2 and a half year old, climbed this hill. I don't know its height, not massive, but steep at the end.

There was a real sense of achievement, especially with the kids. DH had to carry the little one down the hill as his brother had to run home else he'd be late for his shopping trip. These relatives live in Zimbabwe and visiting real shops is a pleasure to savour like the best chocolate.

Check out the slope and the wooded hillocks at the base that are pheasant raising areas for shoots which start shortly. I am not a fan of that type of hunting.

This is a dramatic view of Glasgow through the gap at the back of Dumgoyne. Notice the sky in each shot...

People always think the Brits are obsessed with the weather, but it changes so rapidly, you can get every season within a couple of hours.

This is Loch Lomond across the moor. The heather was just amazingly purple. I'll have to find the pictures later...

So, climbed any hills lately?


  1. Toni, I am severely jealous. I love British weather and British mountains and British accents and British men...LOL! Wish I was there right now...

  2. Gorgeous countryside, Toni! Did anyone roll down the hill? You know, for fun? We used to do that all the time as children.

  3. Meretta it was a little steep for rolling :) Death was something we were trying to avoid LOL.

    Melissa--well Brits are Brits. To me it is the norm--but lovely :)

  4. The sky's a bit like that here today. Rain threatening but not quite happening. Never a dull moment ...

  5. Those are great photos. Sounds like a blast.

    I don't climb hills unless there is a great shoe store at the top.

  6. You take the most artistic photos I've ever seen! The scenery is beautiful.

  7. How did you get that first picture with the sunbeams? Wow.

  8. I don't climb hills unless someone's holding a donut at the top - which is probably why I should be climbing hills.

    Beautiful pictures Toni - simply breathtaking.

  9. Ah, there's that Sandra again. She's hooked on your blog now, Toni!

  10. That is some beautiful scenery, Toni. So soft and rounded looking, although that can be deceiving, I know -- but as Meretta said, it does make one think about rolling down the slopes like a kid. LOL, remember the grass burns? How they'd sting when you got in a hot bath that night? The green stains on the knees?

    And if you don't manage to pop in again ... safe travels "home"!!!

  11. Hi guys... I'm back with a computer and will try to blog later. My son's birthday today so...
    Glad you like the photos, I do indeed remember rolling down hills and crashing into others. On the side we came down, it was sheer but with thick spongy grass. My son said 'scared of the mountain mommy' because it was so sharp a steep. My ankle was killing me from the strain. And even there the whole place was covered in sheep poop. Scotland is full of sheep--remember all those people who got replaced and went to populate the world??

    It was a lovely walk. I enjoyed it, but back to rolling hills of Shropshire now.