Friday, September 29, 2006

Leo and Dick

Leonardo DiCaprio. I checked out his website because one of my characters made a reference to him and I was astounded by the fact that he is an environmental activist.

How did I not know this?
His website is very, very good. Check it out... link

And did you see Richard Branson's pledge? All the profits from the Virgin Transport group over the next TEN YEARS to go into research for cleaner sustainable fuels?

All the profit--100%

I'm not one of those people who thinks you have to be perfect to try and get important messages across. I cycled to school and back today (twice) a crisp autumn day and loathed every minute of it.

And I live in Manitoba, which is like Holland, only flatter.

So I'm hardly a Saint, BUT I do whatever I can to try and make my footprint on the Earth as small as it can be, and I try to teach my children the importance of protecting the environment.

How betrayed they will feel when they grow up and ask, why didn't the governments of this world do something, rather than talking about it?

Bravo Leo, bravo Richard Branson. Good on ya!

PS. I think it is my turn to blog on Killer Passion too :) Who knows what I'm going to get up to over there?

AND go visit Loreth--she has the BEST contest ever for both romance readers and writers.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mugs Away...

There's been a lot of talk about writing rituals lately--maybe it is just me.

Mine revolve almost exclusively around tea. If I have peace and quiet and a cup of tea by my side, I can write. :)

This may explain my mug fetish.

DH bought me this one near Loch Lomond just last month--the color is more purple in real life (as in my house).

I absolutely adore this mug. It could be the Scottish coastal scene, it could be the way it feels in my palm, it could just be the pale damson color in the scene (my favourite color). Whatever it is I love it.

What's your favourite mug?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Zero-- Jess Walter

Last week I actually made it out to a Thin Air event.

I'm woman enough to admit that straight literature is not my thing, but this evening was stunning.

Out of the Wreckage is the title my friend Charlene gave the evening (strangely appropriate for the state of my house that night).

Linda Ghan, Rawi Hage, Madeleine Thien, Rachel Vigier and Jess Walter all did readings from their books. I guess I enjoyed these more because they were stories based on wars and conflict which affect me (and you too I would imagine) deeply. Each gave wonderful tidbits from their latest releases, but the guy I'd gone to see, Jess Walter was superb. Now I hate to be so base, but to start with he's a good looking guy. The photos on his website do not do him justice. I have friends like that, beautiful people who lose something when frozen in a photograph. He's very handsome, tall and lean.

Needless to say for that reason I didn't go chat to him afterwards :/

He started off with a poem about how mother's shouldn't wear thongs. It was hilarious. Then the more serious stuff and I have no doubt that despite his humor he is indeed a serious man. He was self-effacing, modest and spoke more about the authors who had shaped his desire to be a writer than he did about himself.

The Zero is supposedly a satire based on the events in NYC after 9/11. In all honesty I didn't realize America was ready for a satire. I'm not knocking Americans or America, but I really didn't think a satire would even get published south of the border. I'm British. Satire is like milk on cereals to Brits, but Americans seem much more sensitive about their nation and much more protective, at least at this moment in time. I'm not knocking it, just observing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what The Zero is all about. If it is any way near as articulate as its author, it'll be amazing...

and............... scroll down............

!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!*Happy Birthday Meretta *!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!!

(P.S. Meretta, watch for the postie, I'm sharing something with you, you'll understand when it arrives ;-)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Heart of a Mercenary

I am reading this book right now.

I realize I am biased. I realize you might think I am just promoting my friend Loreth.

And I would tell you to go out and buy this book right now just because Loreth is my friend.

But I'd have told you anyway :)

Because I would have recommended The Heart of a Mercenary even if I'd never heard of Loreth Anne White.

I was a reader before I became a friend and now that I understand the process, I am even more impressed by Loreth's talent.

This is a great, rip-roaring tale of fast-paced, emotionally charged, dragged-through-the-jungle-backwards, love.

Fabulous :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nag Nag Nag

When I was in Scotland I bought one of these pictures. DH insisted on stealing it for his office instead.

Can you guess which one :) I love Thomas Joseph--but then I'm a shopaholic :)

Blade Hunter Progress:
49,771/80,000 words

Happy Birthday Bones

Friday, September 22, 2006


Ugh, I am sorry about the late blogging today. I have been trying to discover the source of a vile odour in my daughter's bedroom. It stinks.

It reminds me of cleaning out the rabbit hutches as a young girl (we started with 2 and ended up with 27, rabbits not hutches)

With our mice probelm I thought, ohh ho. But it would have to be one big rodent to create a smell that claws up your nostrils and pervades the room.

Squirrel? Rat? But then I put my nose to the hand-made sunflower rug on her floor and BAM!

I do believe my youngest dog is having a breakdown--again.
Eaudedogpee a new fragrance by Canal.

Sooo... Any doggy psyches out there??? Ignoring bad behaviour isn't working for us, although I don't have to sleep in there...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Isn't it weird how some songs are hardwired to memories? I have a few but the most powerful is Yesterday by the Beatles.

My cousin chose it for his funeral--he died when we were both 22. Everytime I hear the song I think about what he wanted out of life. We had some pretty intimate conversations. We were the same age but we lived far enough apart and saw each other infrequently enough to actually confide our weaknesses to each other.

He was a good looking guy, fit, strong, with a Liverpudlain sense of humor that could drive you to your knees with spontanious hysteria.

He wanted to make love--really make love to a woman. He wasn't talking about sex he was talking about the connection some of us are fortunate enough to find in our lives. He never got his wish.

He didn't believe in Heaven 100%, but the minister who conducted the service said he was sure Graham had enough optimism to find his place there.

So that one song brings back all those memories for me. All unleashed by a few guitar chords.

What's yours??

Blade Hunter Progress:
47,627/80,000 words

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Steve Irwin's Memorial

Tonight in the US and North America they are broadcasting Steve Irwin's memorial service on Animal Planet. You'd have to check the time but I think it is on 9-10pm (EST). A friend of mine is giving a speech and I know how hard it is going to be for him to do this, let alone do it in front of millions. This is my cyber hug to him.

This blog posted is dedicated to Steve Irwin and the happiness he gave us all.

Blade Hunter Progress

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thin Air

This week is the Winnipeg International Writers Festival Thin Air

It is a wonderful week of literary adventure and I'm hoping to catch something. But I have to admit that the lack of romance writers in the line up is very disappointing. However as a friend of mine organizes the whole event and as I love her dearly, I better not get too vocal about it :) Maybe next year ;-)

I'm a bit worried, that one day, she'll drag me onto center stage and get me to defend the genre against hordes of screaming poets (she's a poet). Of course, knowing what I know about poets and hordes I'll just point to the nearest bar and tell them the drinks are on me ;-)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Yesterday I had my chimney swept and it was 30 C outside! And they had snow in Alberta. What a diverse wonderful country Canada is. And today it is raining . I don't remember the last time it rained here...

So I'm 3/4 through editing the first half of Blade Hunter. I hadn't forgotten the story but I'd lost some of the thread weaving I'd set up. That's one of the hard things about writing Romantic Suspense is you have this whole scenario in your head and you need to create a trail of crumbs so the reader can try and guess the villain in the story. Everyone likes the chance to work it out right? But getting the balance right between clues and red herrings is very hard. A bit like getting the romantic conflict resolved--I mean why can't the hero and heroine just say, 'I love you, you love me, let's move on to our Happy Ever After on page 5?

It's all about resolving conflict... a bit like every day life really ;-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bed for sale...

I am trying to sell a bed frame I recently purchased. I ordered it over the Internet - it was a bit of an impulse buy. Now that it's arrived, realize that it doesn't go with any of my other oak furniture.

I can't send it back because it was made to order. The bed frame is 100% hand carved and imported from India. The mattress is orthopedic, brand new, and hasn't been slept on.

I thought I would give you first dibs, but if you know of anyone else who might be interested please forward this, as I'd like to sell it ASAP. I haven't named a price yet, but if you're interested let me know and we'll work something out.

Anyway, have a look below and let me know.

LOL--sorry I hope I haven't offended anyone--can you imagine sleeping in that thing???

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Depressed with World News

Did you see the news last night? That shooter in Montreal? The problems with Afghanistan and NATO and Bhagdad and global warming.

I am depressed.

I had a great day editing, trying to remind myself where I am in my story, who my characters are (my villain freaked me out--maybe I should test him out on you guys before I send him in...).

I went to a meet the teacher night at school. We got there early and actually got to chat about my daughter (she's a genius in two languages, what can I say). I came home, put on the news and bam. Innocents dying everywhere.

Too depressed! Fingers crossed the world gets better and we all do our bit.

Maybe I should do what Bruce Willis does and just not watch the news... Nah. I'll put up photos of a gorgeous man instead. I know who he is...does anybody else??

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Writing love scenes

If anybody wants to write a review of my book then they could do so at

I just found the site today when I (sadly) googled myself and discovered 2 new reviews :) Unbelievable. Not sure what this site is all about, but figured it might be good for publicity--or not, if one of my (crazy) relos reviews it LOL. (Anderson is such a common name...after all) and it was really weird to see my bio up on a strange site (link here for scary moment)

I got a 4 heart review from The Romance Studio

and 5 magical wands from Enchanted Ramblings

I was a bit shocked to see I'm thought of as writing explicitly (is that a word?). I mean I have read some stuff that would singe your eyebrows, so I don't consider myself that explicit. Then again, all the bits are accounted for, so... Weird huh? And now I find myself questioning that about my own writing. After all my mother-in-law reads these stories!!!

Then I remembered the first thing I ever read about this subject published in the Romance Writer's Sourcebook 1996 by Stella Cameron. (pg 31).

"DON'T. Print that word in huge letters on a sign. Each time you get ready to write a sensual interlude, whip the sign out and put it where you can see it at all times. Don't hold back. Don't allow every rule of good, effective writing to slip when you write a sex/sensual scene. Don't become a reporter rather than a participator.
Do you worry about the reactions of your relatives if you write a great love scene--or, perish the thought, a great sex scene?
Do you actually worry about this when you are writing?
You can't. You simply can't stutter and stumble through anything but a crippled love scene, if you're visializing Auntie's red face if she should read it later. You can't be embarrassed and still manage to write a passage guaranteed to bruise readers' eyeballs and wring out their emotional and erotic responses."

So the fact that I shock my mother-in-law and DH's great aunty is actually a good thing. I write these scenes from the characters' POV. I am not having sex with strangers (or with women for that matter). Just like even though I murder people on the page, I haven't any actual experience with anything more harmful than a cheesegrater.

Just in case you were wondering ;)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Saucy Fiction

I was going to compose a post on something writerly and now find jetlag is stealing my energy and making me want to hit the hay. I have been supermom for the last 2 days and deserve some R & R.

Instead I thought I'd share a little encounter I had at my brother-in-law's wedding.

Old Anderson family friend, a retired judge, comes over and says in his raspy Irish accent. "Sooo, I hear you've been writing saucy stories."

I stammer and blush and say, "Well that depends on your point of view, but yes I suppose I have."

He looks at me again, and I am completely unable to predict the direction this conversation is about to take...

"Is it fiction?" He asks.

DH didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bits and pieces

Slowly settling back in. Tomorrow is the first whole kid free day ever. I'm getting the wip out and turning off the email.

I just got Skype working on my PC. I tried it a year ago but couldn't get the sound to work. Today I bought a webcam with a built in mic and it seems to have done the trick. Can't wait to have someone to call :)

And other news... (stolen from Sarah on Killer Passion because I hate typing links). Prizes prizes prizes!!!

We would like to invite everyone to join us and all the Triskelion authors next week at our Weeklong Book Bash. Join us for a wild time as we chat, post excerpts from our upcoming books and give away prizes. There will even be a drawing to win an eBookwise reader!

The fun begins on September 11, 2006 and goes through the week and weekend at
or if you like your reads on the ‘hot’ side,

P.S. Happy Birthday Jim. :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

London Town

Hi guys, arrived back safely on Thursday night. Friday (yesterday) was the first day of school for DD, and DH went back to work. I built mechano with my son who'd had his birthday in the UK. Needless to say our luggage was mountainous, so was the laundry...

Hard to believe one week ago my littlest brother-in-law got married. The ceremony was lovely, the groom's speech had everyone crying and my husband's best man's speech was so funny everyone curled up laughing. The reception was in this beautiful old house next to the famous detox clinic 'the priory' in Richmond.

On the day before the wedding we went into London and hit the Natural History Museum (I'll put up photos next week). Because the kids were exhausted we took a river cruise down the Thames from Westminister to Tower Bridge and these are some of the sights we saw.

The London Eye--British Airways charge 13 pounds per person to ride this wheel. It takes 30 minutes to rotate all the way around and operates from about 8 am to 10 pm. Basically they make a fortune although I'm sure the views are amazing.

St Pauls was visible behind some riverside buildings. I visited the catherdral years ago with two school friends, Mark Wilmot and Kalpa Pesivariah. We went up to the whispering gallery and generally stared at this incredible structure designed by Sir Christopher Wren (who's buried there).

Then there is the Tower (Tower of London). This is the most amazing place with its Ravens and the Crown Jewels and history. My daughter wanted to take the jewels home with her but thankfully we didn't have time to pull off a robbery.

Next was the bridge--Tower Bridge. Just a beautiful piece of architecture that still works. Hard to see the detailing in these pictures but apparently they hold parties in the top bar that runs across the bridge. Not sure how I feel about that but I guess if you had enough wine you'd be fine ;-)

And the most beautiful building in London (In my opinion), Westminster, that houses the bell Big Ben--just lovely. They could never afford to build these incredible building nowadays, nor do many people have the skill. Makes you wonder about the whole concept of progress.

Visiting London even for a day trip was just great. To really see the city properly you'd need to live there for a year and despite my love of that city I wouldn't want to live there for long.

Did you know the actual city of London is only a square mile?

Ok--and a special message for a lurker I know who you are, reveal yourself else some of the stories might come out ;-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

KP blog

I blogged an excerpt of my Blade Hunter wip over on Killer Passion today.


In all honesty I can't wait to get back and work on it some more :)

What are you doing? I want to know!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin

Rest in Peace
Steve Irwin.

This is weird. I have a really strong affection for this guy, who was crazy, but crazy in a way I could understand.

If DH hadn't got his current job two months earlier than he did he could have been working with Steve Irwin on crocs. Steve was born on the same date as my daughter and I found out he died on my son's birthday. Yesterday I wore my Quick Silver T-shirt that I bought in Port Douglas Australia (near where he died). I visited his Zoo in Queensland and was very impressed by his dedication to animals and his local community.

So I felt like I almost knew him, though he never knew me.

He always said if he died it would be a shame if they didn't catch it on tape--not something I'd wish to see (a bit like that footage/photos of Diana's death), but I hope he got his wish.

My thoughts are with his wife and children.

The world just lost one of nature's strongest proponents.