Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Heart of a Mercenary

I am reading this book right now.

I realize I am biased. I realize you might think I am just promoting my friend Loreth.

And I would tell you to go out and buy this book right now just because Loreth is my friend.

But I'd have told you anyway :)

Because I would have recommended The Heart of a Mercenary even if I'd never heard of Loreth Anne White.

I was a reader before I became a friend and now that I understand the process, I am even more impressed by Loreth's talent.

This is a great, rip-roaring tale of fast-paced, emotionally charged, dragged-through-the-jungle-backwards, love.

Fabulous :)


  1. Loreth who? LOL

    No, really, I've only had time to read the first page or two, but I'm already hooked. This book looks great!

  2. Never heard of her, don't know who you're talking about :)

  3. LOL Toni, Bailey :).

    Toni, thank you. You're going to make me reach for the tissues ....


  4. I keep meaning to pick this one up. I love reading IMs!!

  5. This is one fast read! Thanks for the great book, Loreth!

  6. What a great cover!!! I'll definitely check her out.