Friday, September 29, 2006

Leo and Dick

Leonardo DiCaprio. I checked out his website because one of my characters made a reference to him and I was astounded by the fact that he is an environmental activist.

How did I not know this?
His website is very, very good. Check it out... link

And did you see Richard Branson's pledge? All the profits from the Virgin Transport group over the next TEN YEARS to go into research for cleaner sustainable fuels?

All the profit--100%

I'm not one of those people who thinks you have to be perfect to try and get important messages across. I cycled to school and back today (twice) a crisp autumn day and loathed every minute of it.

And I live in Manitoba, which is like Holland, only flatter.

So I'm hardly a Saint, BUT I do whatever I can to try and make my footprint on the Earth as small as it can be, and I try to teach my children the importance of protecting the environment.

How betrayed they will feel when they grow up and ask, why didn't the governments of this world do something, rather than talking about it?

Bravo Leo, bravo Richard Branson. Good on ya!

PS. I think it is my turn to blog on Killer Passion too :) Who knows what I'm going to get up to over there?

AND go visit Loreth--she has the BEST contest ever for both romance readers and writers.


  1. Ah, yes, Bravo Branson!! That man knows how to pick a winner.

  2. Thank goodness somebody with some weight is trying to do something about it. But you are doing your part. If everyone else follows suit, there won't be so big a problem.

  3. It's enlightening to watch our children take care of our earth and encouraging to see a person in a position of strength spreading the word. Excellent.

    Must go check out Leonard's site.

    Thanks Toni!

  4. It's amazing how the little things to help the environment add up.

  5. the statistics are getting scarier - if that's possible...

  6. I do humongo recycling.

    Loreth has the coolest contest!

  7. It is a crazy world we live in. We can all do little things, but it is the big companies who really need to change their and our ways. We want cleaner energy. Now they have to work out a way to provide it.

  8. Not only are we trying to do the best we can, but we are teaching our kids too! I just wish others thought to do so.

  9. Bravo to you, Toni. Many parents don't include environment conscious in raising their children.

  10. I admire Leo for being an environmentalist (I heard about it before), and for being a great actor. Well, okay, good looks don't hurt either. But kudos to you, Toni, too, for doing your part!

  11. I just popped over here to check out the digs. '-)

    And in the process, I learned something new about Leo. And like you I =have= to have my tea to write.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--so glad you did!

    Take care,


  12. PS:

    A very late congratulations to you as well! Your book looks good--I put it on my wish list.