Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mugs Away...

There's been a lot of talk about writing rituals lately--maybe it is just me.

Mine revolve almost exclusively around tea. If I have peace and quiet and a cup of tea by my side, I can write. :)

This may explain my mug fetish.

DH bought me this one near Loch Lomond just last month--the color is more purple in real life (as in my house).

I absolutely adore this mug. It could be the Scottish coastal scene, it could be the way it feels in my palm, it could just be the pale damson color in the scene (my favourite color). Whatever it is I love it.

What's your favourite mug?


  1. LOL. I *cannot* believe it. I have Christmas presents for both you and Loreth and guess what they are?


    Not like the beautiful one you posted, but still pretty in their own right.

    I'm still chuckling.

  2. LOL, Meretta!!! :)

    And oh, yes I love my mugs.
    Toni, that one looks like it must have a fabulous and comforting feel in the hands??

    I have a few favorites, one long and insulated one for morning coffee -- no other time of day works with this mug. I have a lunch-time tea mug, humungous -- big enough for to large cuppa's, ceramic, and ... er ... Winnie the Pooh on the side. And an evening tea mug, bowl-shaped and made of thick blue glass.

    As far as the ritual goes -- I can't touch the keyboard in the early a.m. without my long coffee mug and wholewheat toast and marmalade .. well, that's the ritual at the moment :).

    Seriously, Meretta, you've done Christmas shopping already?? Ack.

  3. TWO .. that would be 'two' large cups ...

  4. Alas, I do not have a favorite mug. Maybe my life could use a little spicing up. Yours is too cool.

  5. My NY mug my daughter brought back for me from her NYC trip last year. It is a beautiful shot of the skyline from the harbour.

  6. Meretta--my fettish will LOVE your mug--and how wonderful of you to know :)

    I have bought 1 Christmas present. Pathetic!

    Loreth, it feels wonderful in my hands. Smooth and warm and solid. Moving on... DH has a lovely Winnie-the-pooh mug. He barely uses it as he tends to break mugs :/ Fingers crossed for mine :)

    Scott--get thyself a wonderful mug :)

    Peggy--how could you not love NYC??

  7. That's lovely -- now, next time I'm in Scotland, I'll have to go mug shopping!

    My "favorite mug" changes. I have, in storage, well over 60 of them, and they are accumulating here in the temporary space at an alarming rate.

    Right now it's the "Goddess" mug from Our Name is Mud here in NY and a bright blue and yellow one I used to keep in the dressing room of one of the Broadway shows I worked.

    Oh, and a Unicorn mug.

  8. . . .And the Seabiscuit mug I picked up in Saratoga this past August . . .

  9. LOL Devon--I think this is a common obsession and a nice one to have.

  10. My favorite mug? Hugh Jackman's of course.