Thursday, September 21, 2006


Isn't it weird how some songs are hardwired to memories? I have a few but the most powerful is Yesterday by the Beatles.

My cousin chose it for his funeral--he died when we were both 22. Everytime I hear the song I think about what he wanted out of life. We had some pretty intimate conversations. We were the same age but we lived far enough apart and saw each other infrequently enough to actually confide our weaknesses to each other.

He was a good looking guy, fit, strong, with a Liverpudlain sense of humor that could drive you to your knees with spontanious hysteria.

He wanted to make love--really make love to a woman. He wasn't talking about sex he was talking about the connection some of us are fortunate enough to find in our lives. He never got his wish.

He didn't believe in Heaven 100%, but the minister who conducted the service said he was sure Graham had enough optimism to find his place there.

So that one song brings back all those memories for me. All unleashed by a few guitar chords.

What's yours??

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  1. Funny, I received a call from a good cousin of mine this evening. He's much like a brother to me. And the same age as well. I wish that you still had yours, Toni. ((hugs))

    I'm not sure that I have *one* song. There are many that remind me of different moments and different people. I guess for me, the most profound memories I have are triggered by the sound of bagpipes. "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes was the only song at my dad's funeral and at my Grandad's funeral, the piper was way up on the hill and when he began to play, the sun broke through the cloudy sky and blessed us with the most beautiful rays of sunshine. It was magical.

    Thanks for reminding me of that, Toni. I appreciate it.

  2. Songs can be very powerful. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I don't have just one song, either. Lots of songs will bring me back to a particular moment in life. There were songs I listened to in the beginning of my pregnancy that when I hear now, immediately bring back those feelings of nausea and general discomfort. I can't listen to those particular songs anymore and always switch the radio station.

  4. I don't have one either, Toni, but several that are very evocative of past events. Both good and bad.

    Meretta -- powerful image. It gave me the chills just reading it.


  5. I'm with the rest of the ladies, different songs will remind me of different times in my life, for good or bad. I can't *stand* to listen to Billy Joel and will turn it off whenever he comes on - he was my ex-husband's favourite singer. Whereas that "Lady in Red" song puts me in a puddle of drippy tears, because that was my current dh's and my first slow dance together. You don't forget your "first dance", no matter how old you are! :)

  6. I have more than one too, but it is the most keenly associated with loss.

    Meretta, that is a beautiful image. I love that tune, makes the hair on my arm stand up. And I love the bagpipes.

    Kari--I was listening to it yesterday and all the memories hit me in a blast like they always do.

    Melissa--LOL, I had such easy non-nausea pregnancies that I've never thought to associate songs with those times. Poor you :(

    Loreth--Good to remember the bad times sometimes and see how far we've come. Hope your good times grow :)

  7. Laurie, we simulposted :)

    Yes first dances are wonderful--ours was either a Eightsome Reel or a Dashing White Sergeant

  8. Every time I hear Tura Lura Lura, I think of my Mother.She sang it to me when I was a chile, I sang it to my children, and when she was in the hostpital I would sing it to her every night.

  9. Child, not chile.

  10. I love that song. I remember playing it on the piano when I was nine and my dog was lost. It really suited at the time.

    ((())) to you, Toni.

  11. True songs just suddenly take you back to a moment in time - Dire Straits, Bruce and Dolly remind me of you..... (not to mention Bloody Red Baron, Tell Laura I love her!)

    Sweet Child O Mine is my DS signature song and You are my first my last my everything is one picked for my funeral - but not for at least another 90 years yet!

  12. I was thinking about your funeral when I wrote the blog but decided it wasn't or me to reveal your weirdness :) I love Barry and if you go first I'll even dance :)

    LOL at all the things that remind you of me.

    Dolly always reminds me of you. "I have the Greatest Ones?"