Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin

Rest in Peace
Steve Irwin.

This is weird. I have a really strong affection for this guy, who was crazy, but crazy in a way I could understand.

If DH hadn't got his current job two months earlier than he did he could have been working with Steve Irwin on crocs. Steve was born on the same date as my daughter and I found out he died on my son's birthday. Yesterday I wore my Quick Silver T-shirt that I bought in Port Douglas Australia (near where he died). I visited his Zoo in Queensland and was very impressed by his dedication to animals and his local community.

So I felt like I almost knew him, though he never knew me.

He always said if he died it would be a shame if they didn't catch it on tape--not something I'd wish to see (a bit like that footage/photos of Diana's death), but I hope he got his wish.

My thoughts are with his wife and children.

The world just lost one of nature's strongest proponents.


  1. I heard it on the news this morning. Very sad! The original "Crocodile Dundee".

  2. Yeah, I saw it today online and was really, really shocked. I thought it'd be a croc that got him, but at least he was doing what he loves best - making good TV.

    We lost one of our own today too, the comedian Charlie Williams who also used to play football for Doncaster Rovers. He was made an honorary Yorkshire man because he did his stint down t'pit. (Coal mine.)

    Rest in peace, both.

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  4. Steve was a wild one! My girls quite like(d) him.


  5. I was so sad to see this on-line today. I feel for his 2 children and husband.

  6. I couldn't believe this when I read it in the paper. Although he might have been better known for his wild animal antics than his conservation, his conservation efforts will continue to live on in his memory. That is quite a legacy.

  7. Jeez, I meant wife. Not enough caffiene yesterday.

  8. It was really upsetting, he seemed so invincible. And yes, they did catch it on tape. He was filming a documentary at the time.

    I feel for his family but I think Terri is a strong woman and will continue the work they both had spent so much of their lives on.

  9. I just heard. My hubby was a big fan. So sad.

  10. Anonymous10:17 pm

    This was quite a heart break for me. When I was pregnant with my now seven year old daughter, I was alone. Watching Steve and occasionally Terri gave me bigger hopes for a brighter tomorrow. They got me through the rough times. His dedication to animals is amazing. I hate snakes and the only time I could dare watch them was when he was doing a documentary. My heart goes out to his family.

    Am I the only one smart enough to realize no crocodile would ever get him. He knew those animals well. I will never forget the chaos over him taking Bindi or Bob near one and people flipping out. He knew crocodiles. They were his first love. He was intelligent and amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with Terri and the children. I hope the show with Bindi airs. I would love to see her continue to follow in her parents footsteps.

    Rest in Peace Steve Irwin

    You will be missed.

  11. I have heard him say he always knew if anything bad ever happened to him it would be in water.

    I didn't freak at the baby, because like you say he seemed to know exactly what he was doing--though I wouldn't risk my child that way. And wasn't that the beauty of Steve? taking on all the things we were too scared to try because he just knew the animals so well.

    A sad sad day.

  12. I saw it on TV and the only good thing you could say about his death was that it was instantaneous, and I'm sure that's the best way anyone wants to go. One of those freak accidents, where the cameraman crowded the stingray too much against the reef and Steve was just behind in, unfortunately, the right spot and angle to get hit with the blade of the ray. Very, very, sad and I'm sure he couldn't have had much in life insurance to leave behind for his wife and children, considering the business he was in!
    Thanks for putting this up, Toni. I didn't even consider blogging about it as I was feeling so sad over the whole thing that day!