Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Writing love scenes

If anybody wants to write a review of my book then they could do so at

I just found the site today when I (sadly) googled myself and discovered 2 new reviews :) Unbelievable. Not sure what this site is all about, but figured it might be good for publicity--or not, if one of my (crazy) relos reviews it LOL. (Anderson is such a common name...after all) and it was really weird to see my bio up on a strange site (link here for scary moment)

I got a 4 heart review from The Romance Studio

and 5 magical wands from Enchanted Ramblings

I was a bit shocked to see I'm thought of as writing explicitly (is that a word?). I mean I have read some stuff that would singe your eyebrows, so I don't consider myself that explicit. Then again, all the bits are accounted for, so... Weird huh? And now I find myself questioning that about my own writing. After all my mother-in-law reads these stories!!!

Then I remembered the first thing I ever read about this subject published in the Romance Writer's Sourcebook 1996 by Stella Cameron. (pg 31).

"DON'T. Print that word in huge letters on a sign. Each time you get ready to write a sensual interlude, whip the sign out and put it where you can see it at all times. Don't hold back. Don't allow every rule of good, effective writing to slip when you write a sex/sensual scene. Don't become a reporter rather than a participator.
Do you worry about the reactions of your relatives if you write a great love scene--or, perish the thought, a great sex scene?
Do you actually worry about this when you are writing?
You can't. You simply can't stutter and stumble through anything but a crippled love scene, if you're visializing Auntie's red face if she should read it later. You can't be embarrassed and still manage to write a passage guaranteed to bruise readers' eyeballs and wring out their emotional and erotic responses."

So the fact that I shock my mother-in-law and DH's great aunty is actually a good thing. I write these scenes from the characters' POV. I am not having sex with strangers (or with women for that matter). Just like even though I murder people on the page, I haven't any actual experience with anything more harmful than a cheesegrater.

Just in case you were wondering ;)


  1. LOL, Toni, now I'm wondering what you did with that cheese grater!!

    Good job on the reviews. And the 'saucey' sex :).

  2. I'm glad you got such great response. And I'm guessing that you aren't that explicit. The fact that you don't back off is probably a shocker for some. I think it takes a lot of courage to write such a scene. It would for me.

  3. Very cool blog. Awesome review. Found you on Jen-T's blog.

  4. Loreth-- ;-)

    Scott, it isn't easy. Thanks.

    Karitown, thank you for visiting. LOL. Jen-T is a card. Now I'm just remembering I need to link a few people into the side bar. Sheesh, old age must be catching up...

  5. I thought your scenes were descriptive and emotional and powerful. Maybe that's what they mean by 'explicit'?

    Regardless, excellent news on the new reviews! The book deserves them!

  6. Great reviews, Toni! That has to be so inspiring. :-)

  7. I think your next novel should be one that would make Jackie Collins blush - that way it would make any future sex scenes in 'normal' romance books seem pretty darn tame! ;-)

    Cheesegrater - hmmm I remember a certain wall and a certain shop keeper!!!! lol

  8. I don't think anything would make Jackie C blush.

    Hey--I'll pay YOU later :)

    PS. Owe you half a book. I'm working on it BTW!!

  9. Thank you Meretta.

    Melissa, it is just old fashioned scary. It is slightly easier knowing if I get a bad one I simply don't have to tell anyone about it LOL!! The trouble with reviews is they are just one person's view (what else could they be?) and yet they hold (potentially) a lot of power.

  10. Toni - that's a great quote on writing love scenes! And kudos on the great reviews - it's not easy to write great love scenes and as you're very good at it, why not take the praise! Make sure your next book has a kitchen with a granite countertop in it (or did this one? :( )

    P.S. googled myself and there's 5 Laurie Wood's the porn star before you get to little ole me - you'd better help crit my love scenes from the look of it!

  11. Maybe the Old Judge read these reviews and that's where he got his ideas? LOL

    Sweetie I'd love to write a review, but I'd have to re-read the book first (we're talking about Her Sanctuary aren't we?) and I've got such time constraints right now. If I can fit it in, I will.

  12. hay Bails (vbg), can't resist my own jokes. No worries. I wasn't pointing the finger (or mouse :) I'm really sorry things are so hard with your mom :(

  13. You write explicit????

    Now I'm shocked as well!