Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I finished my first draft last Wednesday. I have anxiously bitten my nails until they bleed, desperate to get back at it.

But I didn't.

I reread Margie Lawson's Empowering Character Emotion workshops, I started critting my CP's proof (then realized I'd done the wrong edition, sorry Kendra) . We took the kids to Boo in the Zoo and DH flew off around the world.

So tomorrow it will have been one week and I will allow myself to go back to my WIP. Finally.

I love edits, love them. But I also know I have a huge task ahead of me.

I have loose ends. I have unresolved issues. I have issues :) I have details and freshness to add. Character traits to strengthen. OK I'm getting faint thinking about it--I hope you are having a good day :)


  1. Oooh. I love editing too. Especially Margie's EDITS.

    I'm thinking about signing up for another round of Empowering Character Emotions in November with Margie. Love that woman's insights.

    Good luck with it all, Toni!

  2. Hey guys, check out my blog, I have all the details on Margie's Nov. course and the links to sign up for the Empowering Character Emotions one. Toni - it's worth the money to go to her website to buy the handouts for her Deep EDITS course I just did in Sept. Not that I'm able to do it on my BA, as it just seems to have fallen apart in my hands, :- {... but at least I have the course for another WIP. I think BA will have to die a literary death and it's time to move on, sob... Congrats, many times over, Toni, and completing first draft and now going into EDITS!!! You keep inspiring me more than you know! :)

  3. Have fun with the edits :)

  4. Thanks for the details Laurie. We should form a supporters club LOL.

  5. Congrats on finishing your first draft. I LOVE editing/rewriting but I'm nowhere near that stage yet. Boo hoo! But I'll get there in the end and that's what's important I guess. Have fun and good luck, Toni!

  6. I love to edit. You can really dig your teeth into it. Have fun!