Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well, I was listening to some Romance Writers of America conference tapes and I suddenly hear my name mentioned. Shock, horror :O

In a class presided over by Diana Love Snell, Sherrilyn Kenyon and the wonderful Kim Daniel AKA Kendra Clark no less.

Plotting versus Pantzing.

So that was cool--famous authors have heard my name--and not in a bad light. Very cool LOL. And Kim, I have to say, working with a pantzer is very good for my plotters brain :)

How's your weekend?

I went to the local raise-money-for-sick-kids-second-hand-book-sale at the mall. I bought SEVEN books there and went and picked up Cindy Gerard's To The Limit too. That brings my TBR pile to 82, plus 5 ebooks. Ahem (not including research books I dip into). And I have at least 10 novels on hold from the library. And one ordered from my bookclub, though that is my subscription there finished. Part of me is stockpiling in case we end up moving to Australia (books are expensive there), the other half is working so hard I don't get as much time to read as I used to.

So my question this weekend--is exactly (count it) HOW BIG IS YOURS???

I'll think of a prize :)


  1. Uh boy. Mine's big, but I don't think it's *that* big.

    Let's see...trundles over to bookshelf...

    43 books and 6 coming in from the library and that's not counting anything by way of research sitting by my bedside.

    I'd better get cracking, huh? *rubs hands gleefully*

  2. I have 3 books in my TBR 'stack', and 2 the will eventually come in from the evil library.

  3. Hey! you didn't mention what they actually said about you! :) And what's all this about moving to Australia??? I'm not even posted to Winnipeg yet, and you're leaving already? What's up with that? As for my TBR pile, it's only currently at 3, believe it or not, but that doesn't count my non-fiction and research. I try not to read too much fiction when I'm writing - transference and all that jazz. Meretta - 43?? How do you find the time to write? I'm busy voting for you btw. :)

  4. I'm hoping to get back to reading this week - I was in the middle of two very good books - one "e" the other print (hey Dennie and Loreth). I have approximately 40 something, including ebooks.

  5. I can't believe i have the biggest one so far...

    Brandy, that library is awful. You should take over!!

    Laurie--she didn't say much, just something about deserving a medal ;) The reasons mine is so big is I don't get chance to read them Dammit!!

    Bailey--yours has shrunk because you send them out to everyone!! Here's to rest and reading.

  6. Yes, I want to know what was said about you too, Toni!

    Hi Bailey! Nice to see you out and about. Hugs.

    Laurie, thanks for voting!

    Brandy, you're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding! I want your TBR pile!

  7. I loved listening to the tape--Kim has such a lovely accent and voice.

    She's from Tennessee (sp?). She was discussing me critting her first story. I kept asking her where we were going and what was the character's goal--anal points like that ;) Anyway we made it through and Miranda (the heroine of Kim's unpublished ms) taught me much about writing.

  8. Hi Toni. I totally went to the same sale without realizing it was happening! LOL Because of the size of my TBR, I only bought three books.

    My number? 241. That's just fiction, not counting library books or non-fiction.

    But hey, I'm only reading, not writing. :P

  9. Ames--you know I have a box of books I'm about to ditch. You should email me if you're interested. They are mainly romances. I am a romance junkie :) However--it sounds like you have a few to get through LOL.

    That sale is awesome. I always want to get under the tables and haul out the extra boxes--JIC

  10. LOL Toni! I was thinking of that too, I kept hitting boxes with my feet. I was going to go back today, but I'm just being lazy, reading and blog hopping.

    And now I'm going to email you. :P

  11. Hey Toni! Ahem. I was so nervous presenting that workshop I"m pretty sure I sounded like a blithering idiot!

    But yes, I mentioned you! :) and I wasn't even mean! Isn't that great? LOL

    Love ya!

  12. OH and yes, Miranda is an EXACT example of WHAT not to do.


  13. Gotta love Miranda ;)

  14. Hold on I thought you author type folk dissed having book sales and promoted buying new...? I think it's a good idea and makes you buy loads more, some of which you wouldn't pay £5.99 for but pay 50p - then rush off and buy new ones cos you liked them soooooo much. Just read my first Harlan Coben - Darkest Fear, v good.

  15. Deb--note I bought Cindy Gerard's NEW book :) Because I like her. Everything else is by someone I wouldn't have picked up new in the shop, but if I like them I'll buy them NEW :)

    Clear as mud :D

    DH loves Harlan. I like him too, but no romance ;)