Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friends of the Earth have a bunch of petitions if you want to do some environmental campaigning from home :)

And an informative article at the BBC...

Isn't it scary? I'm waiting for my wood to arrive and need to drive my Subaru this afternoon. It pisses me off that my choices are limited. I would spend more money on cleaner options were they anywhere near my budget.

The time for guilt is over--we, the people ROTFLOL--need better choices.

I want a windmill on my roof and solar panels butted up right next to them. I want a geothermal system planted in the garden and an electric car for about town. And while we're at it I want a horse dammit, food, and no nasty chemicals in the water/detergents/cosmetics.

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  1. Toni, I heard of this site and visited before. I should visit again, its been a while. Thanks for posting that.

    Saw your post on my blog. Yep, I read alot, but too there so much I want to read yet, LOL.

    You have a good Sunday.

  2. Hmmmn ... I foresee some run-ins in your future with local bylaw officials, Toni :)

    Good luck with that 'wood man'.


  3. Loreth, I might kill the wood man in frustration if he doesn't turn up today. And did I mention it was snowing again??

    Cathie, you have a good Sunday too :)

  4. Gosh! You've got snow already? That article is VERY scary. This has been such a strange year climate wise here in the UK. We've had such a warm autumn.

  5. Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend (well, the rest of it).

  6. Siobhan--I always remember September being lovely when I was a kid.

    Brandy--thanks :) You too!!!

  7. I wish for a world free from computer viruses so that documents could be sent electronically and all the world's paper usage cut drastically.