Friday, October 27, 2006

How she writes

Well I am nearly finished with this book--and like Janet's novels this is a really fast read!! The advice is pretty basic, although some of her comments on characterization made me think.

Janet, her daughter and Ina Yalof put together this book from the questions most frequently asked on Ms Evanovich's boards (internet chat boards). So some of the information is repetitive because people often ask the same sort of question but vary it slightly as if the first answer was a trick, LOL.

But the reason I liked this book was simple--we share a similar approach to writing (although I do not get up at 5 a.m. to write, ever).

Janet says "Writers write."

That isn't some little bubble coming out of there brains as an abstract thought. It is sitting at the desk, putting in the time, producing the pages and writing. If you want to finish a book don't talk it to death. WRITE!!!

I don't really believe in writer's block, or at least I believe you can just start writing and work your way through it. If you are genuinely stuck, I think maybe your mind is busy sorting something out subconsciously, like a scene that doesn't work, or a thread you can't tie up. Otherwise you just have to start typing and fill in those awful white pages.

She also looks at her stories like mini movies inside her head. I do that too. Now, if I could just give birth to a character half as compelling as Stephanie Plum, I'd be sorted.

And she made me realize it would be OK to use yourself (or parts of yourself and your life experience in a novel), so maybe I'll start writing comedy too :) (kidding)

And doesn't she look fabulous??

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  1. Good morning Toni. I think her advice is the oldest and most wise there is. I've been writing my story a lot lately, although I probably only have about five thousand words so far, half of which I'll throw away, but I am writing. My class prompts me into action because I want something to show for critique. I think a writers group really helps, one that pressures you into having something.

  2. Scott, different things work for different people and basically deadlines and goals are hugely effective. I'm so please you are enjoying your class. I love learning (wasn't a student for 7 years for nothin' ;)

  3. Janet Evanovich looks just like my Auntie Lynn. No really. :)

    That aside, I've been meaning to read this book, too. Janet's characters are so quirky and lovable. Lulu and Stephanie especially. And then there's Ranger. And Joe. [insert dreamy sigh]

    And thanks for reminding people to vote, Toni. :)

  4. Meretta--Auntie Lynn must be hot :)

    Vote vote vote vote!!!

  5. I don't know, I'm not a big Evanovich fan, either personally or writing wise. I find her characters annoying. They were cute at first but now they are tiresome. I also think she is a writer who tailors herself for the market and to please her fans. There are so many books of this nature out there, I passed on it.

    Course, we'd look awesome too if we had a professional make up person, hairstylist and photographer do our publicity photo.

  6. Oh yeah, writing ... I remember that. But then, I'm lucky just to have gotten spamarama up last night. It did feel good though. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

    And I think you would do just fine with humor in your writing - if that's what you want to do. You do great at what you write now so I don't think you really need to worry about changing stuff just yet.

    Go Meretta!

  7. Okay I admit I am a huge Evanovich fan. So even though I am not a writer, I am thinking of picking this book up so that I may gain insite into how an author works. Sounds stupid, huh?

  8. Rene LOL--maybe there is hope for me???

    Bailey, thank you :) I'm hoping there is some humor in my writing without writing comedy.

    Brandy--no way, I think that's half the reason she wrote it!!

  9. I love Janet! Stephany Plum.... who can resist her?

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