Friday, October 20, 2006



Okay. So my friends Loreth (Check out her online read) and Meretta(VOTE RISING SIN NOW!!!)--you know them both well, I believe. Well, they say to me, "You have GOT to watch LOST." And I say, "I've missed the first two series, I'm not watching LOST." So then Meretta (the minx) sends me the second series on DVD, with the proviso that I HAVE to watch the first season before I watch the second season. Now being the sort of woman who always eats dessert first, and always reads the end of the book before I read the start, well this wasn't an easy promise to make. But I did it :)

In the last two weeks DH and I have mainlined 30 hours of LOST and we're still going. The characters are intriguing, the writing tight and they keep mixing it up. I like that.

(SPOILER***) I did NOT like the fact they killed off Shannon, sheesh. So much for romance, although I can see the resultant increase in conflict and as we all know, CONFLICT is story :)

I love Sawyer--I wondered what the fuss was about, but he's got a wonderful character and backstory. I really like all the main characters, but I think my favourite might be Sayid.

Hubby is a little concerned as he is flying to Australia next week :? I'm sure he'll be fine :/


  1. We've never watched LOST because we're addicted to so many other series shows! My SIL never misses one - a DVD collection might be in order for Xmas there! I'm way behind, but posted Part 2 of my story if you want to check it out. LOVED your dinosaur pics, btw. And who says God had nothing to do with evolution? :) heheheheheheh...Time is relative and no one's got it down pat yet!

  2. LOL Laurie, you're right on all counts :)

  3. I've watched a few episodes of LOST and it definitely looks intriguing.

  4. I'm glad you followed the "rules", Toni! A decent payoff, though, I think you'll agree?

    And since you're mourning the loss of Shannon and the relationship between her and Sayid, I won't tell you who else "loses" love in such a manner. That would just be bad.

    :very big evil grin:

    Has DH made you promise not to watch without him? My DH does!

    Do you think Luka's going to win the courtcase on ER?

  5. I don't watch Lost. But, one of my Dh's old teachers from UOP is on the show

  6. I am always behind on series and doing the same thing, getting them on DVD and trying to catch up! I want to watch Lost!!

  7. Meretta :) Payoff was great. Trying to get them finished before DH goes to Oz. I might be tempted anyway as my deadline will be that much closer (gulp). ER--I think they just might try and screw with his head. Poor Luka!

    Brandy--I want to know who!!!

  8. Isn't this a great show! There are a lot of shows I watch, but everyone knows not to call me at 9:00 Wednesday nights 'cause I won't be answering the phone for that hour!

  9. Kristie--you're right :D