Monday, October 02, 2006


Sorry--I love that badge :) OK I had a weekend with no writing but I did learn a few things. Firstly, I found out what a 'described edition' of a DVD is. Duh... I know I'm dumb, what can you do?

So for anybody similarly afflicted a 'described edition' is (I assume) for blind people, where there's a voice over describing the scene and what the characters are doing.

It revealed a couple of really interesting things to me. Author intrusion should be kept to a minimum because it is irritating!!! And the need to write 'fresh', especially when describing the facial expressions of the characters is extremely important. Simpered, grimaced, smiled, do not really describe the nuances of a face. That's OK for those quick sentences we sometimes need for speed or brevity, but at other times you want a mouth to twitch or an eye muscle to tick. And I guess the occasional nose-picking would be OK under the right circumstances (he he).

PS. I also achieved a lifetime ambition... is it
a) Juggling four things at once
b) Doing the monkey bars
c) Waxing my eyebrows?????


  1. Doing the monkey bars!! I hope :) Sounds a lot more fun than waxing eyebrows.

    Cute button.


  2. I haven't been on monkey bars since I was ten. Constantly juggle four things at once. Never waxed my eyebrows (or had a "Brazilian" for that matter - ouch!). Checked out Leo's website. It's excellent. Glad more and more people are waking up to the nightmare our planet is experiencing. Hope it's not too late. Agree with you about author intrusion. I've just had to cut about 2,000 words from my WIP. Good advice about facial expressions. Thanks! Take care, Toni and have a good week. Watch out for those monkey bars now - they can be dangerous! ;-)

  3. Did not know the DVD thing either... but so interesting - I will have to check one out and use that as a writing excersise

  4. Um...waxing the eyebrows?

  5. Dennie-I almost turned it off when I realized what I'd gone and picked up! and then it caught my attention in how the voice over pulled you out of the story.

    But balanced also with how you need to describe the setting and the characters to create the image, but how flat that description could be.

    Explaining badly but my head is in my wip and must get back to it :)

    Siobhan, that whole Brazilian thing has me crying!! Just the thought :)

  6. Ooh. Thanks for the DVD tip. LOL. Knowing me I'd pick one up because there might be BONUS material. I guess it wasn't much of a bonus, hmm?

    I KNOW you can juggle four things at once--you're a mom! So though the monkey bars sound way more fun (or not if you're blessed with my puny arms and big hips ;) I vote for EYEBROW WAXING!

  7. I tried to do Monkey bars this past wednesday, so if you were able to do them...good going! If it was the eye-brow waxing, OUCH! And if it happened to be the juggling 4 items, you are WAY more coordinated that me!!
    A funny thing about DVD's, my Son loved to watch them with the hearing impaired words on them.

  8. Okay--it WAS the monkey bars :) After trying to console my upset DD who can't do them (it is a big thing in G1 for some weird reason), I proceded to demonstrate my lack of skill LOL--and did it!!

    Wayhay, how to make your six year old feel even worse about herself!