Monday, October 16, 2006


You see these two books? These two books are the previous winners of The American Title contest run by Dorchester and RT Magazine. Real books, real authors, real contracts.

Publishing isn't just about talent.

It isn't all about writing the best book ever. There are many fabulous writers who never make it off the ground, sometimes because they don't finish the book, sometimes because they just can't get an editor interested in their particular story. And the competition in today's marketplace is death-grip squeeze.

But this contest isn't like any other writing contest. The winner of this contest gets a publishing contract.

You could say--well this is more of a popularity contest than a talent contest. And you'd be correct. BUT, the way I see it, all the finalists must have manuscripts worthy of publication (though I know Meretta Pater's is the BEST).

So why would they turn this into a popularity contest? Why would they want this contest to be all about gathering support and votes? Why? You're asking why in today's world of reality TV??

Getting a contract is the tip of the iceberg in the publishing word.
PUBLICITY is the key to creating a bestseller, be it word of mouth, internet, newspaper articles, TV, airplane banners. Creating a BUZZZZZ. Many good books and authors go unnoticed just because nobody knows they are there. So this contest is a win-win situation.

Great stories, massive publicity and the chance to start an author's career.

Go vote for Meretta.


Please :)


  1. YOU are a peach!! Many hugs to you my friend.

  2. I voted and hope Meretta wins!

  3. Here crossing my fingers for Maretta!