Thursday, November 30, 2006

Festive Fun :)

I have just about finished Blade Hunter. 82,384 words. Phew and I thought I might be short a few words. I need one more go through and then I can send it off to my editor.

I never worked to a deadline before--never sold on proposal either, so I hope my editor likes it otherwise I'm in for a whole new learning experience :)

Hope you like some of the decorations Loreth--I'm still working on the rest :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Well I edited 55 pages (50 pages was my high target), so I'm happier than I was especially as DD was home for much of the day and I also squeezed in a grocery shop (it is supposed to snow heavily tonight), a blog hop and I cooked dinner.

On a roll--Fingers crossed I don't crash into anything.

We put up some decorations on the weekend. Nothing Martha Stewart would approve of, the playroom being very shiny and glittery. Our room is slightly more upmarket but given nothing is really coordinated the effect is festive rather than designer cool. That's OK.

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Amazing Race

I love this show. Does any one else watch it? My favorite were Kentucky--the coalminer David and his wife Mary, who never had a good word to say about him, but loved everyone else LOL. But they got knocked out a couple of weeks ago.

I laughed so hard tonight. The Beauty Queens (never underestimate that business) were pretty mean to team Alabama, but ended up last. Now although Alabama are normally pretty grumpy they seem to know what they are doing and out of the lot of them I'd like to see them win the $1,000,000.

They go to some incredible places. Vietnam, Sweden, Morrocco, Madagascar, all over and it is fascinating to see the lengths they'll go to to win the race. I could do anything except eat the cows lips. Unless the million was right there staring me in the face and then I'd chow down.

I think it'll be between the blondes and Bama. Who'd you bet on?

I'm on a deadline so excuse my lack on internet time. Roll on mid December!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Sorry I have been absent but I figured everyone was taking a mini break, weather is cold here, but not really cold. Meretta has -30C in Alberta this morning.

Don't forget to VOTE for Meretta--voting ends tomorrow for this round.

Just send that email
to with RISING SIN in the subject line.

And ask your mom and your co workers to do the same. And the dog :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

to all my American friends. I'm thankful for you :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today I have slippery smooth fingers from a slight miscalculation involving superglue and a teddy bear's fabric eye.

It is a weird sensation that brought back a rush of memories about an ex boyfriend from my undergraduate days in Liverpool and the Isle of Man. In our honors year, we had big individual research projects that we needed to carry out. Mine was on turbot but that is irrelevant. My boyfriend's project was looking at spatial distribution of limpets on the rocky shore, but because he had great big hands he didn't have the dexterity to glue tiny identification number (say 2x2 mm) onto the limpet's back.

I spent many laborious hours gluing itty bitty numbers onto limpets with superglue, always at the most inhospitable time of day--first light (I am NOT a morning person), in the roughest of weather (have you ever been to the Isle of Man?)

Did I get a mention on the paper? Noooo. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Another thing that still grinds at me from that ill-fated relationship is a botany practical we did in second year. This was a project run between Bristol and Liverpool Universities, involving at least 2 prominent profs and several very eager PhD students. The project was looking at energy partitioning in tomato plants. So they fed the plant a certain amount of food (calories) and then measured the growth rate of the fruit on the vine.


So we measured the width of the fruit and I said (me) we could convert that to a volume with the formula

sphere volume=4/3¶r3

And get a better value--because any idiot knows that a tomato is round not flat right? Right.

Not right.

These wonderful scientists had never thought to do this--can you imagine?
So after we handed in our practicals, just before the next lecture, the prof comes up to my then boyfriend and shakes his hand. Even though we'd all written this brilliant piece of scientific wonder in our write ups because student's share right?

He knew that my boyfriend had been the genius to think of this. And that SOB ex of mine sat and took the glory and later said to me, 'I couldn't say my girlfriend thought of it, could I'?

Ahem. Girlfriend was a student too, buster.

So it has only taken me seventeen years to get that off my chest.

And I don't care that his dad had two Porches, two Mercs, a Bentley or a whole collection of classic British motorcycles. I got the best deal in the whole world when I fell in love with a man studying elasmobranch rectal glands. Bless him.

Look what I found--my Honor's year :) man we were so hot LOL.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I think I hate pomegranates. I wish I could say more definitively, 'I hate pomegranates' but I can't. You see, I like the thought of pomegranates and the look of pomegranates (and yes they look a bit rude and yes I was raised on Carry On films), but the stupid things are so impossible to eat I just end up with a bloody mess all over the kitchen counter (and over my keyboard if I'm honest).

Is it just me? Am I the only loser who can't get to grips with this stupid fruit?

I'm editing--thus the mental breakdown. It is going okay, but I sometimes look at my heroine and think 'who can love you with that mouth?'

Wonder where I get my inspiration???

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC - 347 BC)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sexiest Man Alive

George Clooney is once again THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.

It is official :)

As an ER fan I have long admired him and I love his sense of humor, among other things...

But don't give up hope--the man has obviously improved with age and you might too :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't forget to vote for Meretta :) Have a great weekend!!!!

The Fiery Cross

I am trying to finish this book.

My m-i-l bought it for me when I was in hospital having just given birth to my son--in 2002. I started it about 18 months ago and must have read nearly a hundred other books since but somehow I haven't been able to steamroller my way through this one. It is 1400 pages long and has tiny writing :)

So I decided I'd finish it before my parents-in-law visit in the second week in December. I have 325 pages to go (that's a whole book for some people) and it isn't that the book is bad, it isn't, I love her writing and her characters, but it is 1400 pages long!!

Phew. You ever had this problem?

Of course the next one is already out LOL.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

NYC ****

OK--don't have much time to chat today. DD is getting sick. I've been looking for NYC songs that don't have the words m***** f***** in them. Any help would be appreciated. Personally m***** f***** doesn't bother me that much--in fact, I'm kind of curious as to how the term arose, because it is such a strange insult if you think about it. However I don't want to have to explain the kids new vocab when they go to school :)

PS. I've got Frank Sinatra covered. And Sting. Simon & Garfunkel. And The Pogues. ;)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know I'm a bit of a freak. I'm one of those moms who spent hours pureeing organic yams and non-sulphurated apricots and making all that 'good mom' chow for her babies.

Only trouble was my little buggers would never eat it.

They like processed food, and don't tell me they won't know what they're missing if they never have it because my kids would rather starve than eat healthy food.

Try to make them eat a pea and I swear the neighbors think I'm killing them. My MIL thinks coating it in sugar is the key and as she raised 5 of her own maybe she had it figured out all along.

For someone who reads labels and toxicology reports this is a NIGHTMARE. I mean if I was rich I could just order in everything organic/non hormone injected and put my feet up while the chef got on with stuff in the kitchen (I'd have to hire a cleaner too else I couldn't let a chef near my kitchen!).

But. That isn't the real world. So in my world I buy organic ketchup and hope for the best :)

It tastes better than the other stuff too and we go through three bottles a month--easy.

I'm raising ketchup eating piglets, what can I say?

other news...

***Happy Birthday Grandad***

In other other news...
from Friends of the Earth--if you're interested :)

Tell Energy Secretary Bodman:
Don't Let Big Oil Decide Our Energy Future!

The former CEO of ExxonMobil is the last person we need giving us advice on switching to clean energy and dealing with our dependence on oil.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fabulous stories...

Isn't it great to have friends? Isn't it great to have friends who are also wonderful writers? And who send you their books before they are even out in the shops :)

I loved both of these stories, as well as the first book in the trilogy, The Heart of a Mercenary. And I am so hoping we haven't seen the last of these very intriguing former French Foreign Legionnaires. Check out Loreth's FFL info page... Thanks Loreth for 3 great stories :)

And now--Don't Forget to vote for Meretta and we could be reading her book next!!!!!

And I've finished my second draft of The Blade Hunter. Working on the hard copy now and hoping I don't have masses left to do :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Demo Girl

Sorry I haven't posted--I've been a little under the weather (whatever that means).

This is a link to a little girl from Dublin. It is soooo funny. Reminds me of DH's family in that fair city!! Hello Kings!!

And look at Meretta's news!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So--I think I have fixed my blogger problems LOL--I hope.

DH got home and the rain had melted the snow, so I don't think he really believed me that we'd had two weeks of winter already. Hmph. But look what my friend Noel sent me... Penguins!!! I love penguins and I love this woodcut. Thank you Noel. Noel Miller is an up and coming Australian artist and a very dear friend of mine (and not the water-Nazi the way DH says).

I'm on page 253/305 pages of editing (having switched font to that of my publisher), but I might not make my personal Friday deadline as DS isn't at daycare because it is a Remembrance Day Holiday. But the schools aren't off so it is kind of strange don't you think?

I mean I'm all for Remembrance Day being a holiday--or a day of contemplation--but why the daycare and not the schools? Can you see me scratching my head here?

My grandad is 87 next week. Must get him a good book or sexy movie because he's 87--not dead. I think we sometimes forget the old people we see around us were once young and vibrant, full of loving and lust and bravery and valor.

Maybe I'll get him a subscription to Blaze :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OK--trying to fix this screen thing. Can you refresh and tell me if my blog fits on your screen? Please :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006


Now this is what caught my attention when I first saw Tatum Channing in GQ (this photo is from that shoot). He has the most beautiful eyes. Now I know photographers and lighting and whatever can work marvels, but this guy is seriously beautiful. So--what's the first thing you notice about a person?

PS. Blogging on the Trisk Author blog. A reworked piece of Chapter One that has been posted before. If you're interested in seeing if it has improved any :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Horror-scope :/


"Courage is not the abnormal," wrote poet Jack Gilbert. "Not the marvelous act. Not Macbeth with fine speeches. It is the thing steady and clear. The marriage, not the month's rapture. The beauty that is of many days. The normal excellence, of long accomplishment. Not the Prodigal Son, but Penelope." Gilbert's words are my gift to you, brave Taurus. Of all the signs, you best express the virtue of steady devotion to the demanding challenges of beauty and truth. In the coming week, I predict that you will dramatically prove how miraculous that quality can be.


A bit scary that. Steady devotion sounds like bloody hard work.

I edited 48 pages--wooohooo!! I hope I am improving it, cutting dross, empowering the emotions, making the chain of thought reasonable. I figure if I can keep up this pace (FreeWill willing) I should be able to work on hardcopy by the end of next week. That would be awesome :)

Word count is now at 79,400--so unlike the great Stephen King (who said a second draft should be the first draft minus 10%) I'm adding to mine. But seriously what could a man like that know about writing? :( *sigh*

I'm blogging at Killer Passion today too. And though I haven't been around the blogsphere much recently, I hope to get out and about today :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Matt, Lance and me.

It was good, it was scary, it was costumes over snowsuits but we made it LOL. And to think DH missed it all... Ah well. Poor him.

And today I aim to edit edit edit. Assuming I can get to daycare and school without incident.

Did you hear on the news last week. Matthew and Lance are not gay lovers. I mean seriously? This was news?