Friday, November 10, 2006

Demo Girl

Sorry I haven't posted--I've been a little under the weather (whatever that means).

This is a link to a little girl from Dublin. It is soooo funny. Reminds me of DH's family in that fair city!! Hello Kings!!

And look at Meretta's news!!!


  1. Oh, that is just hysterical!

    Hope you get to feeling better luv, colds are the pits. Take a couple of steam showers.

    Off to Meretta's.

  2. Oh, she's precocious!

    Take good care, Toni and thanks for sharing my news. :)

  3. Julie4:49 am

    thanks for the link, Toni, it is very funny. hope you're feeling better now! Jules

  4. Jules--I need to phone you. It has been so long!!!

    Meretta--you're welcome. Congratulations!!!