Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Well I edited 55 pages (50 pages was my high target), so I'm happier than I was especially as DD was home for much of the day and I also squeezed in a grocery shop (it is supposed to snow heavily tonight), a blog hop and I cooked dinner.

On a roll--Fingers crossed I don't crash into anything.

We put up some decorations on the weekend. Nothing Martha Stewart would approve of, the playroom being very shiny and glittery. Our room is slightly more upmarket but given nothing is really coordinated the effect is festive rather than designer cool. That's OK.

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Oooh, sounds nice, Toni. We gonna get pictures? Pretty please? I have to live vicariously for awhile, since we won't be putting up our tree and decorations until the 16th or so. I think. (I just don't see it happening in the next few days before we leave.)


  2. SNOW?

    You're all doing it on purpose, aren't you?

  3. My daughter wanted to put up the tree last night, but I was just too tired. I have to be in the mood to decorate and that mood hasn't hit me yet.

  4. We don't normally put the decos up until DH's birthday. 12 days of Christmas and no more :) But it seems differet this year.

    I will take photos but I just know they won't look too hot.

    Diane--we had a big dump of snow this morning. And it is still coming down. But the temps are nice.

    Melissa--we haven't done the tree yet, or the ornaments--which are basically teddies and snowmen LOL. Or a massive bunch of lights. We are hoping for a NY party so will need some cheesy sparkle I think :)

  5. I don't your edit process - but I found the BEST thing - it'd called "Read Please" It reads your work back to you. I have caught sooooo many things that I read over when i am eye-balling it. There is a free version that will only do about a chapter you can pay for a version that will do the entire book (I think - I have the free version) it's great!

  6. I'll be putting up my decorations on the weekend. At least that's the plan. It would be great if it'd snow here. Then we'd get a day off school. *vbg*
    Sounds like you've got the right idea re your decs. Festive beats designer cool hands down IMO ;-)

  7. I have the tree up with lights on it, but no ornaments yet as I'm training Baileyboo (his first tree) to leave the tree alone. Did I mention that I'm out of my ever-lovin' mind? LOL

  8. Great job on the editing. Snow? Oh, I wish we had some. It hardly ever snows here (SC) anymore. As for the Christmas decorations, we haven't put any up yet. I did buy a new wreath made of bells for the front door, but it's in the closet for now. We don't put up our tree until around 2 weeks before Christmas, but Dh will be placing the outside light all over the house this weekend. Say a prayer because it makes me nervous when he walks all over the roof. (We're not the most graceful family.) Your rooms sound lovely and I think the idea of Teddy bear ornaments is adorable.

  9. Dennie--I have a reading program. I might just use that if I can finish this draft tomorrow. Good idea.

    Siobhan--snow days might get a bit frequent if we took them LOL.

    Bailey--that brings back memories. Puppies, kids... I think this is the first year we haven't had to worry too much about the tree :)

    Brandy--wintertime is when most men seem to get up on the roof in Winnipeg. Pushing the snow off. Always seems nuts to me :)