Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Horror-scope :/


"Courage is not the abnormal," wrote poet Jack Gilbert. "Not the marvelous act. Not Macbeth with fine speeches. It is the thing steady and clear. The marriage, not the month's rapture. The beauty that is of many days. The normal excellence, of long accomplishment. Not the Prodigal Son, but Penelope." Gilbert's words are my gift to you, brave Taurus. Of all the signs, you best express the virtue of steady devotion to the demanding challenges of beauty and truth. In the coming week, I predict that you will dramatically prove how miraculous that quality can be.


A bit scary that. Steady devotion sounds like bloody hard work.

I edited 48 pages--wooohooo!! I hope I am improving it, cutting dross, empowering the emotions, making the chain of thought reasonable. I figure if I can keep up this pace (FreeWill willing) I should be able to work on hardcopy by the end of next week. That would be awesome :)

Word count is now at 79,400--so unlike the great Stephen King (who said a second draft should be the first draft minus 10%) I'm adding to mine. But seriously what could a man like that know about writing? :( *sigh*

I'm blogging at Killer Passion today too. And though I haven't been around the blogsphere much recently, I hope to get out and about today :)


  1. Great job on the editing. I know that has to be one of the hardest parts.

    Keep up the good work Toni :)

  2. Excellent job editing, Toni. Though I too cut dross, my word counts usually go up as well. Keep going! You're doing great!

  3. Yay! 48 pages is awesome! You're doing great, Toni. :-)

  4. Wow! Great progress on the editing. Well done!

  5. Good job on the steady, devoted editing task, Toni :)

  6. Kudos on the editing. :P

    Love that picture too.

  7. Stephen King? Yeah, what does he know ...

  8. Sounds like great work on the editing.