Thursday, November 16, 2006

NYC ****

OK--don't have much time to chat today. DD is getting sick. I've been looking for NYC songs that don't have the words m***** f***** in them. Any help would be appreciated. Personally m***** f***** doesn't bother me that much--in fact, I'm kind of curious as to how the term arose, because it is such a strange insult if you think about it. However I don't want to have to explain the kids new vocab when they go to school :)

PS. I've got Frank Sinatra covered. And Sting. Simon & Garfunkel. And The Pogues. ;)


  1. Billy Joel's New York State of Mind. Streisand does a version of it too.

  2. All I can think of is ... Teenage Wasteland. You probably already thought of that one, though. ;)

  3. 'New York City' is a song credited to the Peter Malik Group but with Norah Jones on the vocal. Should be on the web but it's also on CD.

  4. Angel of Harlem by U2 - would that qualify?

  5. Hmm...this might take some brain power.

    But if you've got Frank, then you're good, right? ;-)

  6. Hope DD is feeling better today?

  7. ooh--some good suggestions, thanks :)

    Can't believe I have no U2 on my computer. Considering we have all the albumns ;) Great suggestion Stacy.

    Michele--I'm looking up this song--I love Nora Jones.

    Bailey--I have Billy. Love that man's songs.

    Melissa--I have Frank :) And everything is good :)

    Meretta--The Who--yes I have that. CSI NY was good last night, though I guessed the plot :) DD insisted she was better but I think we might get a phone call later :/

  8. Here are a few, but you may need to double check for naughty words! (Madonna's I love NY - eliminated due to the F word!)
    - Sting, Englishman in NY
    - Jim Croce, NY's not my home
    - Eagles, In a NY minute
    - Poppa Chubby, NY Blues
    - Chris de Burgh, Snows of NY
    - Frank Sinatra, Autumn in NY
    - King Chango, Venezualan NY
    - Steely Dan, Daddy dont live in NY cit no more
    - John Cane, NY Underground
    - Bob Sinclar, NY City music
    - Black eyed peas, Cali to NY

    Or Albums: Anouka, Hotel NY
    Nirvana, Unplugged in NY

  9. Deb--what have you been eating?

  10. New York Bagels!!!!!! LOL