Thursday, November 09, 2006


So--I think I have fixed my blogger problems LOL--I hope.

DH got home and the rain had melted the snow, so I don't think he really believed me that we'd had two weeks of winter already. Hmph. But look what my friend Noel sent me... Penguins!!! I love penguins and I love this woodcut. Thank you Noel. Noel Miller is an up and coming Australian artist and a very dear friend of mine (and not the water-Nazi the way DH says).

I'm on page 253/305 pages of editing (having switched font to that of my publisher), but I might not make my personal Friday deadline as DS isn't at daycare because it is a Remembrance Day Holiday. But the schools aren't off so it is kind of strange don't you think?

I mean I'm all for Remembrance Day being a holiday--or a day of contemplation--but why the daycare and not the schools? Can you see me scratching my head here?

My grandad is 87 next week. Must get him a good book or sexy movie because he's 87--not dead. I think we sometimes forget the old people we see around us were once young and vibrant, full of loving and lust and bravery and valor.

Maybe I'll get him a subscription to Blaze :)


  1. Maybe they think the kids are too little to remember? Scratching my head with that one.

  2. You're right about forgetting that the older generation still feel the same emotions! Good luck finding a git for your grandfather.

  3. LOL, on the sexy movie. I'd be afraid of giving him a heart attack.

  4. Have you seen the short penguins movie from Madagascar? It's hilarious.

  5. Devon--I know the older kids do assemblies and stuff, which is good. I really can't figure it out.

    Brandy, Peggy, I think he's pretty much seen it all. He tells a wondeful story about opening the tent of one of his men in Holland during the war, and leaving quickly when he realized what was going down--so to speak.

    Melissa--I love that mini movie and so do the kids :)

  6. As a child we didn't have a holiday on Remembrance Day and I don't think kids should have one now!

    My main reason? Because so many people don't use the holiday as they should. To them it's just a day off when honestly and truly they should be at their local Legion or cenotaph, REMEMBERING and honoring those who gave their lives. I can't believe that some people are too busy to go and stand for an hour one day of the year to remember. It's shameful.

    Assemblies in schools which include a minute of silence will at least ensure that children are exposed to the day and it's true meaning rather than the toy aisle at Wal-Mart as mom or dad go shopping.

    Just my .02 cents and honestly I don't mean to rant, but I feel rather strongly about the day and how it should be conducted.

  7. My father hired a stripper for his father-in-law, who was dying of cancer. The gift was well received.

  8. Responding to the first sentence rather than the rest ... it's fine my end now, but I think it was stretched because those pics were all next to each other.

    I can't imagine getting my grandad a sexy movie when he was still alive ... but you're quite right. The OH's mother likes her novels a bit raunchy.

  9. Looks fine to me.

    And the daycare off vs. the schools doesn't make a lot of sense.

    I don't think we got Veteran's Day (as it's called here - on the 11th of November) off. I have to work, but the flag will be out.

  10. Oh, and I think the movie or book idea would be great!

  11. I got him 'A night to remember' the original Titanic movie.

    I remember he said he'd liked the movie, when I stupidly tried to get him to watch the Leo Titanic movie.

    Some romance but no sex. That's OK.

  12. Meretta--I agree, though I had planned to shop today ;)

    For me it is always the 11th Nov. It is a moving time. Sadness and a sense of time passing, memories fading, mistakes being repeated.

  13. Scott--LOL at the stripper! I think that might finish him off LOL.

    Diane--glad it looks better--I deleted 4 posts ;)

    Bailey--I hope work goes OK.

    And I discovered the whole daycare thing. It is a *university* holiday, not provincial. My son is very advanced ;)

  14. ruby554:06 pm

    I know the banks are closed on Monday here in Southern ON. Actually, I can remember going to school on Remembrance Day, at least until we'd had our 11 a.m. ceremony. Then we were off school. But that only applied if Nov. 11 was a working/school day. Maybe the nursery school just decided to have a day off. As far as I know, the city librarians who had yesterday and today off for PD days (PD=Professional Development--in case not everyone knows the abbreviation. I'd forgotten exactly what it meant), I think are back tomorrow. But I also think that most places at least try to observe a moment of silence at 11 o'clock.

    I've been thinking a lot about my two uncles who are still MIA in WW II. No idea what happened to them. Of course, from the standpoint of most of the readers here, they were the "enemy" although they were last known to be on the Eastern front. I'm always glad that my father and his brothers did not serve on the Western Front. Makes it less likely that they'd have met up with relatives of anyone I might meet now.

  15. Ruby, no matter what side it must be incredibly painful not to know where your uncles are or what happened to them. War is a terrible thing.