Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know I'm a bit of a freak. I'm one of those moms who spent hours pureeing organic yams and non-sulphurated apricots and making all that 'good mom' chow for her babies.

Only trouble was my little buggers would never eat it.

They like processed food, and don't tell me they won't know what they're missing if they never have it because my kids would rather starve than eat healthy food.

Try to make them eat a pea and I swear the neighbors think I'm killing them. My MIL thinks coating it in sugar is the key and as she raised 5 of her own maybe she had it figured out all along.

For someone who reads labels and toxicology reports this is a NIGHTMARE. I mean if I was rich I could just order in everything organic/non hormone injected and put my feet up while the chef got on with stuff in the kitchen (I'd have to hire a cleaner too else I couldn't let a chef near my kitchen!).

But. That isn't the real world. So in my world I buy organic ketchup and hope for the best :)

It tastes better than the other stuff too and we go through three bottles a month--easy.

I'm raising ketchup eating piglets, what can I say?

other news...

***Happy Birthday Grandad***

In other other news...
from Friends of the Earth--if you're interested :)

Tell Energy Secretary Bodman:
Don't Let Big Oil Decide Our Energy Future!

The former CEO of ExxonMobil is the last person we need giving us advice on switching to clean energy and dealing with our dependence on oil.


  1. And lovely piglets they are!

    I buy organic apples now. I haven't found *anything* to get that crappy wax off so at least I know there aren't any pesticides underneath it. Or at least that's what they tell us!

    grumble, grumble.

  2. I am so all about processed food LOL. I guess I figure we're all gonna die someday, might as well enjoy it. And I actually have a smile on my face as I say this *g*

    Happy belated, Toni's granddad. Here's to many more...and what's your secret to living a long, full life?

  3. This morning, I saw a tractor belching black smoke into the atmosphere and I shuddered to think what it (and thousands of other vehicles) are doing to the Ozone. Needless to say, it made me stop and think about what I will see on this earth (God willing) in about fifty years.

  4. Forgot to say Happy Birthday Granddad!

  5. Why is it that kids will eat almost anything as long as it's smothered in ketchup? *g*

    Happy belated birthday to Toni's Grandad!

  6. Not late at all--today. :)
    Meretta--I have a cloth that is supposed to remove it--Norwex.

    Stacy--enjoying life is the key I think.

    Melissa, I hate those car fumes :/ let's hope for a better future?

    Brandy--they smother everything LOL. It is awful :(
    But at least it is organic ;)

  7. Just hand over the junk food and no one will get hurt ...

  8. Does it work though, Toni? I have even used the hottest water possible short of boiling the things, combined with dishsoap and a metal scrubber and still that wax won't come off! If it works, I'd love to know so I can get my hands on one!