Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best and Worst

Had a great Christmas--hope you did too :) Will tell you about my excellent gifts at a later date. Wanted to do a Best and Worst of 2006--like People only less meaningful ;)

Best Day of 2006:

I know this should be something writing related because I had an ebook release and I sold on proposal, but that's not it. This would have to be split into the best two days of 2006. My brother's wedding day and my brother-in-law's wedding day back home in August and September. Great family days, reminding us what we miss by living so far away. Not that we have any real choice in the matter.

Worst Day of 2006:

My son's birthday--September 4th. The day Steve Irwin died. Whenever I see a picture of Steve Irwin, I can feel my throat close and tears heat my eyes. It still hurts and I didn't even know him.

Looking forward to:

This is so pitiful. I mean, really. Susan Elisabeth Philips Natural Born Charmer released in February--yay!!!! And (hopefully) driving out west next summer.


  1. I know what you mean about Steve Irwin. He just seemed like this goofy guy who really loved animals, and I enjoyed his enthusiasm. I didn't think I'd feel so emotional about his death like I was. I think basically he was a good person with a big heart who loved and respected animals - what's not to like.

    I have a few moments during '06 I'll cherish. One of them was going back to my "old" office in mid-October after 18 months, and seeing how much I was missed. Having people tell you that is such an amazing feeling. I love it LOL.

  2. hmm... Now I will think back over my year... and make a few writing resolutions. =)

  3. It must be hard to live across the ocean from home. I whine about living 5 hours away! I must refrain from that in the future.

    I had a few really bad moments in '06 and some really, really good ones.

  4. Cripes, I don't remember 2006 except that I wasn't pregnant. That's always a good thing. I barely remember what I had for breakfast.

    Family events are always the most significant, don't care if you sell like Nora Roberts. Weddings are wonderful. Wish I could remember mine.

  5. 2006 has been a year to remember for me. There were lots of personal and professional achievments, family events (good and bad) and just general moments to be cherished and remembered.

    Thanks for sharing them all with me, Toni. You are a great friend!

    And btw, I'm looking forward to SEP's new release too! I think it speaks highly of our good taste! ;)

  6. Stacy--it is nice to be missed, even after the fact.

    Dennie--I am making some writing plans too. I am a big believer in goals.

    Melissa--we all deal with our own problems, you can't really compare them as they are just different.

    Rene--LOL. Well you ended the year with a bang. Congratulations!

    M. What a year. Good and bad for you. I'm glad I was able to share them. It is an honor.