Friday, December 29, 2006

Best TV 2006:

All 3 seasons of LOST in ten weeks in the fall. CSI NY. ER. The Unit. My Name is Earl.

Best Movie 2006:

I barely saw anything this year. Before we had kids we went to the movies every week. Now...? Anyway I did see Pirates II and I felt cheated. Only half a bloody story.

Best movie... The Lake House

Best New Author 2006:

Elizabeth Vaughan. The Warprize books.

What about you?


  1. Oh, let's see. Best TV---there really wasn't anything great on TV that I fell in love with.

    Best Movie---I like Lake House, got it for a B-day gift.

    Best New Author---well, she was new to me, Tess Gerritsen. Read all her books this past summer/fall.

  2. I thought Lost made a good comeback this season from last. I don't know if I loved any movie I saw this year, but I reserve the right to change my mind. I was pleasantly surprised by the latest Bond flick.

    Hey, I have a question. How many words do you think it takes to have a complete novel? I know it varies, but generally. 90K?

  3. The reason I asked is that I just finished a partial chapter and I'm already at 3K.

  4. Peggy!! I haven't been able to comment on your blog. Meant to email you merry Christmas :)
    I love Tess, introduced DH to her a few years ago and now have to wait for him to read her newest one before I can.

    Scott--that's fabulous. Ahh--the word count question. It actually depends on how the publisher you're targeting measures word count. Do you know? The general guidelines are 90-100K words for an ST, some go as high as 120K.

    But some/many publishers assume a certain number of words per page (200/250 depending on font) and just multiply that by number of pages for a total word count. Believe me--it is a PITA. But that is awesome you're getting some solid writing done.

  5. Best TV - LOST and Rescue Me
    Best Movie - Cars (Sad, I know!)
    Best New Author - Loretta Chase

  6. Best TV - LOST and Rescue Me
    Best Movie - Cars (Sad, I know!)
    Best New Author - Loretta Chase

    retta Chase

  7. I think I agree with you about Elizabeth Vaughn as a new author. Oddly enough, her books contained all the elements I hated but combined to make a great book.

    For me:

    TV: "House," "Rome," and "Big Love"
    Movie: I didn't see many movies this year. I'll say "Casino Royale" and "Talledega Nights." Yes, I go for the intellectual stuff.

    Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian" was a spectacular achievement and Susannah Clarke's "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell" kept me riveted. Patricia Briggs is a new author for me and her "Moon Called" is one of my keepers.

  8. Best tv: Bones, used to be House, but they are ticking me off with the current storyline.
    Best Movie: I've only been to 2 movies this year. Rv and Night at the Museum, both were cute and funny.
    Best new Author: I just started her book, but Shannon McKelden's Venus Envy is fun!

  9. Hmm, 2006 already seems a bit of blur --
    Best Movie -- LOVE ACTUALLY (this was the first year I saw it -- thanks Toni and Meretta for pointing me in the direction)

    Best TV -- LOST, by far. ADORE that show.

    Best New Author (fiction) -- the most recent one read comes most easily to mind: THE THIRTEENTH TALE, by Diane Setterfield (did I get that right?)

  10. Did anyone mention Heroes yet? Great tv show.

  11. Best TV - I don't watch tv, so can't say which is best.

    Best Movie - Casino Royale

    Best New Author: (for me) Liz Carlyle

  12. Meretta--good choices :)

    Rene--I don't think I've read those three.

    Brandy--I love Kathy Reichs' books but haven't watched Bones. Must.

    Loreth--Love Actually. In my top ten all time favourite movies :)

    Scott--I've heard great things about Heroes. Haven't watched it yet.

    Melissa--want to watch casino R. And I've never read Liz Carlyle--yet.

  13. Best TV: CSI (original), Supernatural (although if they don't reveal the secret soon I'll get bored), Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, and Ghostwhisperer;
    Best Movie: Like a lot of folks here, I haven't seen a lot of movies this year - just DVD - Batman Begins was good, The Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice
    Best New Author: Leanne Banks, she's not new but I'm new to her ST's.

  14. Forgot Criminal Minds--one of my favourites too :)

  15. Oooooh, Bailey, did you see the commercial where thye show Grissom LEAVING!????
    I, um, happen to prefer CSI: Miami with CSI: NY being a close 2nd. I had to quit watchng Supernatural this season, so I'm curious, what secret?