Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

Help. I need lots of help!!! Desperately in need of a clean house and cooked food for Christmas. The laundry needs doing, last night's pans are still in the sink. DH's presents need wrapped and then I have to dust and vaccum the house and poop scoop the yard. There's ironing to do, bathrooms need scrubbed, dogs need walked, cooking needs done and then if you could possibly drag my husband from his work at some point that would also be good.

Please send the elves around and I'll make it worth their while,

Love. Me. Desperate of Canada.


  1. Dear Santa, could you just paste and copy Toni's note and sign my name? Thanks, Brandy in SC

  2. I love the new picture in your signature and on your webpage, Toni! I'm guessing you're tired of winter? ;)

    Here's hoping that Santa grants all your wishes!

  3. Thanks Meretta, I needed some warmth!!

  4. (((((hugs))))) for all you have to do. DO NOT IRON!!!! IT WILL GIVE YOU THE BUBONIC PLAGUE!!! That's what I tell myself.

  5. Anonymous10:17 am

    want to talk to toni