Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Printer

Well--my wonderful in-laws saw my daughter's letter to Santa and on it she'd included something for me. No, not Eric or Sean, :D but a color printer so I can better make my book notes a little more funky, as well as print out family photographs.

And guess what I (we) got as a big pressy while the Andersons were visiting? A Canon color printer. Thank thank thank you thank you, Mini and Pop. I don't think the gifts we've given even begin to compare...

And this afternoon I surfed the web for pictures of the hero and heroine and baddy of my Romantic Mystery--Tentatively titled Out of Tears (anyone know what that is?)--and as well as Sean Bean I came across an adorable shot of another of my heroes--Eric Bana. Isn't he a cutie?


  1. Oh, I love Sean Bean.

    That's a great gift - you scored!

  2. What wonderful In-Laws you have!

  3. I love Eric Bana!

    Good stuff on the printer, what a thoughtful gift. :P

  4. That's a lovely gift! And practical too!

    Out of Tears? I know, but only because you told me. ;) I think it's a great title.

  5. I really like that photo. But hubby wonders why Sean Bean is pronounced the way it is rather than "Seen Bean" or "Sean Bohn". He thinks he went to the Ralph Fiennes school of name pronunciation.

    Yay on the printer. That is so cool.

  6. Well Rene, good point, but Sean is Irish and a Bean is a Bean. Tell your DH not to give me any trouble, even though he's a lawyer ;)