Friday, December 15, 2006

Tagged by Kendra

Things about me

Facts about Toni... (I stole some directly from Kendra because they were true of me too :)

1) I'm a loyal friend, but once I'm done with someone--I'm done...

2) I love painting and drawing--haven't done anything for a while and feel it calling to me.
Could I paint the snow outside the house? Or the house across the street. Or the dog?

3) I have two pets--both dogs. I am allergic to cats.

4) I love Suzanne Brockmann. Next time I see her I think she'll have me arrested for unadulterated adoration.

5) I hardly ever carry a purse/handbag. When the kids were little I had a bag packed with enough stuff to get us through any emergency for 24 hours. Now I carry my wallet and everyone is on their own.

6) I love the feel of paper when it has just come off the printer. LOVE that warm sensation and often cuddle big piles of warm paper.

7) I have blood pressure so low I spend days feeling dizzy (at least that is my excuse).

8) I hate when I make mistakes. I remember things I did fifteen years ago that still make me cringe with annoyance. And let's not talk about the fish....

9) I'm opinionated and difficult, but when it comes to salesmen or people begging for money I'm the world's biggest pushover--to the extent I'm not allowed to make any financial decisions/big purchases on my own. Contractors have to go through my hubby. BTW--that is my rule, not his.

10) I love country music, Bruce Springsteen and Motown. Call me weird.


  1. Oh I am so #8. It's a terrible thing to do, but I can't help it.

    And I bet Suzanne would love the adoration.

  2. Oh muh gawd! You're allergic to cats too?

    I knew I loved you!!!


  3. I also adore Suz and we might be sharing a cell LOL. Soooo cannot wait for Jules' story!

  4. I'm allergic to cats, as well, but for some reason, the one we now have in our house (the great mouse hunter!) isn't too bad. I can cuddle with her for awhile, but I always have to go wash up afterwards or I'll start to get itchy scratchy! ;-)

  5. Ah Toni. I don't think you'd be incarcerated. ;)

    I bet Suz is looking forward to seeing you again. She's just that nice and she knows where your heart and intentions are. :)

  6. You sound like a pretty rounded person to me (pretty and rounded... lol). Known you for 27 years and never knew you were allergic to cats, doh. I am renowned for not carrying a bag either - pocket or party purse!

  7. I love The Boss too! Hasn't he got the sexiest butt? And he sings well too ...

  8. I'm with you on the big financial decision, sucker for every charity thing. Um, it doesn't help that Dh is pretty much the same way.

  9. Low blood pressure?? Wow. The printer paper is kind of weird.

  10. Bailey--isn't it sad?

    Kendra, love you too :)

    Stacy--Looking forward to sharing that cell--do you know what she's working on next?

    Melissa--a mouser might be worth the rash?

    Meretta--Jenny too ;)

    Deb--your renowned for many things ;) But this is a family show LOL

    Siobhan--addicted since I was 16. Bless him--and he is SO good live!!

    Brandy--maybe the cats need to take charge??

    Rene--very low. I think once when I was pregnant it was 80/60.

  11. But then again, if I were to ever actually meet Jill, I'd probably be on the same cell block.