Saturday, January 06, 2007


I nearly died last night.
Nothing dramatic. I bent over to put a log on the fire and inhaled saliva.

Now I am a woman of vast contrasts. I go all a twitter under stress. Driving tests turn me to jelly, social occasions make me want to run and hide and don't even think about me talking to an editor or agent like they are human. I don't think so. But give me something serious and I'm a different woman.

So there I am, unable to breath, DH is out, kids are in bed. And I'm planning. I need to get the phone, dial 911, write a note to clutch in my hands should the ambulance turn up and I'm unconscious saying, "kids upstairs." I take two steps and manage to inhale two of those liquid-through-a-straw death rattles, and finally, phone clutched in my hand, cough it out.

Lovely image huh?

I've been diving and things happen. The number one thing under any dangerous circumstances is not to panic.

Couldn't sleep last night and I told DH I was scared of dying. My husband, in his usual style said, "We all have to go one day." Thanks Hon.

I'm feeling pretty proud today. Hope to make it for a few more yet :)


  1. Oy, Toni -- your dh sounds like mine. Tell him you're dying and he says 'we all are' -- some just take longer.

    Glad to have you around today! Would have been a somewhat ignoble way to go, eh?


  2. Ignoble LOL, just a smidgen ;)

  3. Good God woman, don't scare me like that.

    I've done the choke on puke thing, but not saliva. Takes talent.

    Promise me you won't die until after I do, okay? I've had about enough of that lately.

  4. Bailey, you have gone through way too much lately, but that is one thing I can't promise--but I will try to delay it as long as possible. Hopefully we'll be fit healthy 110 year olds with minds of steel and a sense of humor over our wrinkles.

  5. Toni, what a scare! Good that you didn't panic. Please, please stay alive for many, many years ahead!

  6. Wow, didn't know you could die choking on your own saliva. Glad you're okay. I'm with you on the fear of dying though. I break down into tears whenever the word "death" is mentioned or implied in movies, books, and heavenforbid real life.

  7. Glad you didn't die Toni - think I would have told our friends a more dramatic story line of how you died, rather than choked on her own saliva! Killer tigers and deep snow would suffice....

    Don't talk to me about fear of death, argghhhhh - it's not that I'm scared of dying, I just don't want to be dead forever......!!!

  8. Good grief! Saliva as a deadly weapon. Ewwwww!

    I've made my Dad promise to remarry if I pass away before him.Then I made him promise not to. I think he's confused. Just the way I want him!

  9. I think I was drooling over chocolate ;)

  10. Omigosh, Toni! I had an actual asthma attack right before xmas - have had asthma for yrs but never an "attack" where I woke up in the night and couldn't breathe - so I sympathize with you completely! You can choke on anything at all and it's surprising how easy it is to die...what I learned in my cop's a miracle our kids survive to be teenagers I tell you...

  11. Laurie--that is just awful. I hope you feel better now. The heroine of the book I was reading had asthma so it was a weird link and I was very sympathetic to her plight. I have two female members of my family who have died of asthma early in life. It is just awful.

    And yes--let's keep our fingers crossed for our kids!

  12. Oops, meant my husband not my dad, I am losing it big time!