Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I liked this story. See how progressive we Brits are?

First female Beefeater or
the first female Yeoman Warder of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary, has just started her training. It only took 522 years :)

PS. I posted a published writers' contest information on the Triskelion blog here...


  1. Uhh....I guess that's great, but why would she want to? I don't think those uniforms are very complimentary to the female form.

  2. Well, the US military has let women be on the front lines for what? 10 years now? I say if we can give birth and raise a soldier, we can BE a soldier!

  3. Toni, have you seen the movie THE QUEEN yet? It's on my To-Watch list, and I was wondering what you thought?

    Hmm -- now I'm trying to recall why they're actually called Beefeaters ...

  4. rene, they look warm anyway ;)

    brandy--I'm not sure women are allowed on the front lines in the Brit forces yet. Seems silly. I am not a big fan of war, but I believe in equality (not feminism).

    loreth--no, I want to see it. I have heard it is excellent and I LOVE Helen Mirren.

    I don't recall why they were called Beefeaters, but beats the alternative :)

  5. And we've had female secret service agents protecting the President for years.

    Progressive, hmmmm. LOL

  6. I wonder if there is any truth to this explanation: "This term has been around since 1610. It originally meant a well-fed servant. The more famous use in reference to the Yeoman of the Guard of the English royal household and later to the Warders of the Tower of London dates to 1671. Beefeater is quite literal, being a reference to the diets of well-off and spoiled servants. It contrasts with loaf-eater, a reference to a servant who eats the bread provided by his master, a term that dates back to Old English, hláfæta."

    And I am a TOTAL Helen Mirren fan. Love her, love her, love her -- which is mostly why I want to see the movie :)

    LOL at the female finally being admitted to the ranks. You ever seen Ghadaffi's crack team of personal bodyguards -- about 40, I believe, all women? One died recently in saving him. He doesn't travel without his ladies ;)

    Aren't I rambling? Must be in procrastination mode.

  7. That would be Ghadafi with one 'f' -- I think.

  8. I wonder if that is where the expression 'loafer' comes from. Meaning someone loafing around and generally not doing much? Linguistics are so interesting. I love them. Look at all the languages in the world and think of their origin in primates (for those of the evolutionary bent). It really is incredible.

  9. PS. Didn't realise Ghadafi's bodyguards were female, but I did know Israel has female soldiers and snipers. Interesting stuff