Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Late for a very important date!!

Sorry I am late to blogdom.
I had a busy day. Received the line edits for Blade Hunter from my editor. Nothing that looks too tricky. And it was a writing day, so working on my HS submission and trying to throw myself into an unknown arena.

I spent 10 minutes looking up and printing out movie posters--great for looking at high concept ideas that fit. Had to be British. Had to be funny even though my story isn't a comedy. This is pretty much my concept (with a twist of gender and some other changes), but basically

Can the most famous filmstar in the world fall for just an ordinary guy(girl)?

Well duh--I'm writing a romance. Oh course he can ;)

So I'm breaking all those darned rules again...sigh.
Please help.


  1. By HS do you mean Harlequin Silhouette? What line? And are you breaking the rules by making the hero a film star? I'm going to have to go back farther in your blog because I seem to have missed something! :)

  2. Yes--Presents--but maybe Desire (total departure for my 'style') and yes my hero is a filmstar. They'll hate it for sure ;)

  3. I've not really talked about this story yet. I'm out of my comfort zone and exploring. I'm enjoying it, but the rules are completely different to how I normally write. Could be exactly what I need to keep fresh :)

  4. Going out of your comfort zone can often refresh your writing ... not that your writing was stale or anything ... *gg*

  5. I love love love Notting Hill. Will have to get it out and watch it again soon.

  6. Go, Toni, Go! You're doing great. Keep up the fabulous work. :D

    I liked Notting Hill, too. Actually, I pretty much like anything with Hugh Grant in it despite his debacle a few years back. It took me awhile to forgive him, but I'm over it now. ;)

  7. Spmetimes going out of our comfort zone, helps to keep us 'fresh' and can open us up to opportunity.