Thursday, January 18, 2007


I see Marks and Spencers have made an ethical promise to go carbon neutral and become much more energy efficient over the next five years. They reckon it'll cost 200 million pounds and say that the consumer will not bear the brunt of this landmark decision.

The link to some of the stories is... M&S

I am so proud--feel my smile :) I can buy my knickers with a clear conscience.

On the other hand the Canadian Tories pledge $230 million over the next four years (just over half what M&S are spending) to develop clean energy technology. Guess who will pick up that bill? But Bravo--it is good news.

I have no political allegiances in Canada (I can't vote here yet) so this isn't a political post. And I do think companies should be responsible for making themselves environmentally friendly. But I believe governments have a responsibility to push companies in the right direction and have an ethical backbone with policy making. I haven't seen much evidence of that over here, yet.

So do you think I could fit my environmental views into a story? Maybe in the mystery I'm planning to write, I could include a lecturer who goes off on a Greenpeace ship and ends up on the front page of 'The Sun' having been wrestled to the ground and arrested by French Commandos...especially when they were supposed to be lecturing at the time? Would that be believable?

Unfortunately I might get sued for that storyline because that actually happened to one of the lecturers in the Gatty when I was a post-grad ;) French Commandos--can you image :)


  1. Sad to say I think the US has one of the worst environmental records for a country.. You know who in the white house has actually been lenient on major companies.
    I like the idea of including your ideals in a book. Another way to subtly educate!

  2. US, for sure. Most developed countries committed the fouls and should be proactive helping the developing world not make the same mistakes. It is a small world we live in, on this we should be able to agree.

  3. It saddens me to know that Canada is being governed by greed and that our government is way too leniant in their guidelines to going green.

    If we started penalizing people for having too much garbage and rewarding them instead for what they've recycled, we'd be doing much better.

    Cold Lake just started curbside recycling so to me, that's a huge step for all community. Too bad they didn't do it years ago!

    However, as I was taking the recycling yesterday (we live in the country so still have to get our stuff to town), I realized our household could do better, too.

    Just simple things...too much cardboard in my recycling bin means I can shop more in the bulk aisle...too many pop cans means I can encourage DH to pour himself a glass instead of going for the convenient can.

    Little things add up. Imagine what "big" things could do!

  4. I think you could definitely write an environmental-focused romance. Go for it!

  5. Pff, M&S clothes are pants!!Everything from there shrinks!

    Anyone need a size 0 pair of pants??

    Cos my arse can't be fitting into no size zeros.


  6. LOL Isabella--haven't they sorted that out yet? They always shrank upwards on me :)