Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm waiting for the postman.

oo hoo wait a minute Mr Postman...(think Diana Ross)

I have been told by one little bird to expect something nice :)
I'm still waiting for my Secret Santa.
I ordered Deb Dixon's Goal, Motivation & Conflict.
I have a bunch of queries out. (Nothing like receiving a self addressed envelope in the post to stir up your day.)

I'm also editing and will check out your blogs when I can look myself in the eye again. I hate to miss my goals :)

And I blogged on Killer Passion LOL.


  1. I need to start watching the mailbox next week. I've been told I'm getting a surprise too, although I think I can twist her arm and find out what it is, but then again, she wouldn't be able to write then and that would disappoint me to no end.

    Hope your stuff arrives too - including a "we love your work" SASE.

  2. Have fun waiting for the post. Ever notice they just appear and disappear after we leave th window for one moment to use the restroom? *g

  3. So did the bird say what to expect?

  4. My stuff arrived--a beautiful star to hang in my window from Loreth--what a great friend!! And my Deb Dixon book arrived too so I can dive into that.

    And no bad news *vbg* but no *I love yous* either.

    Brandy--the same way the whole family turn up at that exact same time??

  5. We have a Pat the Postman book!

  6. I love Pat--had a friend at school who looked just like him :)

  7. Playing catch up with your blog. Do you ever here from 'Pat'...?

    It was the Carpenters not Diana Ross, derrrr.

  8. Never hear from him. I think you're more likely to.

    And my version was 'The Marvelettes' which I didn't think anyone would be able to imagine ;)