Friday, February 09, 2007


Going slightly crazy with cabin fever, PMT and single momdom right now and forgot to blog at Killer Passion yesterday BUT check out Judith's post because she has a contest to win free stuff.

PS. I've decided my current hero is a cross between Colin Firth and Ioan Griffudd.

Just in case you were wondering.

I see Anna Nicole Smith died. What a bizarre life that woman led. To have lost her son the day after she gave birth to her daughter and now to leave that tiny baby behind... man, it is tragic. I hope she rests in peace.


  1. Oh my. That's it, just oh my.

  2. I LOVE Ioan...sigh...Horatio Hornblower!

  3. LOL--yes Melissa, he was great wasn't he?

  4. Nice looking fellows, Toni. Excellent hero material. I love Colin Firth in Love Actually. Actually, I love everyone in that movie. :) I must pull it out soon and watch it again.

  5. Actually Meretta, so must I :)

  6. Well, how you attribute a factor from each to form one guy...... WOW!