Sunday, February 11, 2007


OK--I'm doing Book In A Week over at Rene's Villa in Tuscany site. Anyone can sign up. It is basically all about getting words on paper and not worrying too much (as in pulling out hair and gnawing flesh) over each word and sentence.

Getting the story down.

I hope to write 50 pages this week which will see my wip just about done.

Anyone else interested?


  1. I checked out her blog, (loved her border!) but I can't do BIAW coz I'm busy re-outlining and rewriting bits and pieces. I'll cheer you on though! :)

  2. Gosh if only I had the discipline. I'm with Laurie - I'll be in your cheering section. You can do it Toni!

  3. Well thank you--thank you very much
    *channelling Elvis*