Sunday, February 04, 2007


I couldn't resist posting about this. Given Jonny's hero status to the English. And never underestimate the power of sport for both dividing and uniting the 'United' Kingdom.

So... the Six Nations is here again and nothing stirs up the hearts and minds like a little bit of rugby union.

What is the Six Nations? A rugby tournament featuring England, Wales, Ireland (north and south), Scotland, Fance and Italy (they only joined in 2000).

So me and my brother-in-law Carl (the mysterious CF), and in more recent years, my sister-in-law Caroline, are always surrounded by pumped up testosterone filled Irish/Scots desperate to kick the a$$ of the arrogant English b@*****s (their term, not mine). Now being an arrogant English b@***** myself, I generally keep my head down and my trap shut, because seriously I'm not stupid, but today I just thought I'd say 'well done England' very very quietly!!!

And... Ahem. Well done Ireland too :) They beat Wales 19:9

From the BBC:

Jonny Wilkinson admitted finding it hard to take in after his long-awaited return to the international scene.

Wilkinson, who was playing his first game for England since 2003, was man of the match in Saturday's 42-20 win over Scotland in the Six Nations.

"It feels strange - it's been three and a bit years since I've experienced the buzz of an international," he said.

"I guess to be back after some of the feelings I've had over my injury periods feels like a bit of a dream."

Wilkinson had not played for England since guiding them to victory in the World Cup final because of a catalogue of injuries.


  1. I remember when Sweden and Brazil and a few others were in Palo Alto for the World cup many years ago. The party throngs were all chanting for Brazil. Something like, "Ole, ole, ole, Brazil, Brazil." So I started chanting some USA songs, and my American friends gave me a hard time for it. You heard me say it, we're a bunch of (female anatomy part)s!

  2. Greetings -- I would like to speak with you about publishing some articles on Rugby.


  3. OK--I think I've slipped into another dimension.

    Scott--you can say it--I can't ;)

    And I've already had follow up from 'the family' LOL.

  4. Um, we're on to rugby now? Okay, you put up with my NFL, I'll go along. I'm rooting for whoever you're rooting for.

  5. Toni, you've got a job prospect!

    I think I've only watched Rugby once, but it was entertaining! How does the scoring work? Is it similar to football (N. American) or soccer? How big are the teams?

  6. Bailey--I support them all :)

    Meretta. Scoring a bit like Am football. Trys and conversions and field goals. And they have 15 men on each team but they don't come off for a rest every ten minutes, they play the whole game (80 mins--I think) on the pitch. Now I might have gotten it wrong. I learn rugby through osmosis only. You can also play games with seven players (called sevens believe it or not), which is much faster.

  7. You are well qualified to be a rugby journalist - I'll provide the reference!! (Remember going to most if not all the home - and away matches - with our rugby team?!)

    Fab game, FIL (Scottish) did say that Jonny's try should not have counted, and if it hadn't then it would have been a really close game. "No it wouldn't - it would still have been 38 - 20", I was not brave enough to say that though!!

    I do like the toughness of rugby, Jonny had two stitches in his lip (waited til half time for these too?), whereas a soccer player grazes his knee, has to have magic water and then gets stretchered off. Also rugby fans are hardly ever segregated, soccer.... say no more!

  8. :) Deb--I can see his face :)

  9. I knew this rugby lot was a tough bunch! Thanks for the explanation, Toni. I'll have to catch a game the next time there's one on!