Monday, February 19, 2007

First draft done

Finished first draft of my wip. It's a little short on the word count but that's how I tend to work. Then I build up the scenes with flesh and skin on the bare bones and pull out passive sentences and add more senses. The final pass through works on the opening and closing hooks of each chapter and scene.

Feeling pretty happy. Think I might change my plans about what to write next and write about my hero's brother.

47,170 words.


  1. Awesome, Toni!!! Congrats on getting that firt draft done. Now the hard part's over! :-)

  2. Good job getting that draft done. I always end up adding when I do revisions. Like you said, adding the details is important. Its easier to add than cut.

  3. Most excellent, Toni! Bravo!