Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fishy things

Sorry I have been quiet :) Busy week here. I'm working on my second draft and reading craft books, plus we've been setting up a fish aquaria for DD's birthday. We just got fish today, but they were camera shy--except for this lyretail sword who looks pretty much like a goldfish to me.

It has only taken two marine biologists fifteen years together to finally get a home aquaria. I mean we've had fish. Atlantic salmon, sockeye salmon, sturgeon, sculpin, dogfish, skates, trout, catfish, eels--hundreds of them, but that was work.

This is fun :)

PS. And Happy Birthday to my God son Ross too.


  1. Oooh, I think he's afeared of the pirate :). LOVE the pirate. And the fish. Congrats on finally getting one, Toni and family!

    Loreth -- who now realizes she has always called the singular by the plural ... live and learn. (Sort of how some people use the word media, I guess)

  2. Julie4:29 am

    Love the pirate too, that's what ours is missing - though our aquarium must be about a fifth of the size of yours.... Great birthday present!

  3. LOL--I love the pirate too.
    Loreth, I've never thought of Media either. Those Romans huh?

    Julie--we got a bigger one because the smaller tanks are higher maintenance. This is the theory :)

  4. Oooh. I like that pirate skull. We only have a fake plant and blue rocks, but I like that fella!

  5. Petland :D

    And real plants--I'm a big believer in real plants even though they are more trouble.

  6. Thank You Toni - HB to DGD too!!

    Fantastic aquarium

  7. My mom always had an aquarium when I was growing up. Angel fish, loaches, zebras, tetras. Sigh...they are a lot of work. But they are fun to watch.

  8. We have one fish. And bless his heart, he's a trooper. He's in my daughter's room, but I think she has largely forgotten about him. I think he's been with us for about two years now.

  9. Congrats on the new arrivals! Very nice pirate too. I LOVE my goldfish. We've had them for two years and, as they live outside in the pond, they've grown HUGE.