Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Next Hero

I feel like I should write something inspiring and exciting. Maybe I should pretend to have been arrested for streaking? Or involved in a drugs bust? Unfortunately not. Nothing exciting is happening to me right now :) I'm 30 pages and 1 day from the end of the February deadline I set myself to finish this book. Assuming the house doesn't burn down or we have to rush off to surgery, it's an easy target--I might even start outlining my next book.

Of course I do have to choose the inspiration for my next hero. Gotta be tall, dark and handsome.

I like Eddie Cahill, but I can't picture him without the NY accent and my guy is very British. This is Colin's brother for goodness sake. Actually he's got two brothers next in line.

I don't care for Jude Law or Ralph Fiennes.

Ewan, Orlando & Robert Carlisle just aren't right. Hugh Laurie is too old. I think there might only be one man for the job. Another hero of mine--Clive Owen. What do you think? And for the other brother, Gerard Butler.



  1. Hi
    Why does he have to be tall dark and handsome. What is wrong with small blond and sexy?

  2. Karen--because I've already described the three older brothers as dark haired. Tall isn't necessary, but dark is :)

    And right now I'd rather not talk about blonds :(

  3. I love Clive Owen. Very sexy guy.

  4. Those two *do* look like each other! Handsome, too.

    There was a dark and handsome man in MI3. He played Ethan's (love that name!) sidekick. Finding his name....tick, tick, tick...Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He's got an accent, but I'm not sure where from. I'm horrible at placing accents.

  5. Meretta--anybody with a Rhys in it *should* be Welsh, but he's Irish and lovely. And an excellent candidate for the youngest brother, number 4 (there are 7 kids altogether--why oh why would I do that to myself? Must stop watching Nanny MacPhee.) I never even had a sequel planned!!!

  6. There's a certain someone that I'm quite fond of who runs around half-nekkid most of the time. ;)

  7. There's a certain someone that I'm quite fond of who runs around half-nekkid most of the time. ;)

  8. well, I guess I doubly like him. LOL Don't ask me how that happened.

  9. LOL--I couldn't steal him!!! But he's lovely too :)