Friday, February 16, 2007


I am not really very good at North American traditions yet. The whole write a Valentine card for everyone in your class business just didn't happen when I was a kid. Instead, Valentines was reserved for people who fancied each other, or lovers, and was always a day of dread.

Was it better to get a card and have to fend off the advances of someone you really didn't fancy, or not to get a card at all and feel unloved and unworthy?

Never did figure that one out :/

So I thought it would be easier over here. I spent several hours cutting out and colouring in hearts for DD who made her own Valentines. She gave out her cards, but got very upset as three of the boys laughed at her for handing them out (these three boys were the only ones who hadn't brought any cards in, but DD was up first and therefore bore the brunt of the mean responses before the teacher could step in).

I eventually managed to explain to DD that little boys just aren't into 'it' in the same way most girls are. However, I think DH was less tolerant. One of the little boy's mothers got stuck in a snow bank trying to pass our car this morning. After one aborted attempt to help, DH said, 'Sorry I've got to go to work' and left her there. Stuck in a snow bank. My hubby. Who'd help anyone, anywhere, left a woman in minus 34C temps, stuck in a snow bank.

I can't wait until DD is a teenager :)


  1. A bit cruel but I do admit that I laughed out loud at DH.... What does the little cherub remind you of?

  2. I hate Valentine's Day. I was one of those children who didn't receive cards as the rest of my classmates hauled them in. It wasn't until 6th grade that the teachers started requiring that the kids bring valentines for everyone, but the damage was done.

    Good for DH. But you're right, little boys aren't into "it".

  3. Ah the cherub :) Deb and I shared a locker all through school and we used to have two gold cherubs hanging up inside it. I really need to replace those :)

    Bails--I know.

  4. We miss the hub-bub of it, because we homeschool. :D

  5. We always had to bring cards for everyone in our class. They've gone a bit farther now in that my daughter's class doesn't even address the cards to the kids, but just puts "From: Kid's Name Here". It's a bit less personal, but it takes care of all the jealousy that springs up during this holiday.

  6. Having heard the full details of the snow bank incident DH did more than his duty, I would have left her there for keeps, the impatience of women.

  7. My wife made a very "crafty" valentines card for me this year. It felt like fifth grade all over again.

    I absolutely loved it.


  8. Meretta, you are one brave lady :)

    Melissa--that's a good idea.

    Pop--no comment

    Gabriel--that is so lovely :)