Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Still Have Snow

Friends and relatives keep asking if we have snow. Yes, we have snow. We've had snow since mid-October, except for about a week when it melted. It generally doesn't go anywhere because the temperature rarely rises about zero.

DH and I worked out yesterday clearing the deck LOL.

Todays' forecast is for 'periods of snow'

We have snow. I'm moaning now, but just wait until the melt 8)


  1. So, would you hate me if I said I was jealous of all the snow? *g*
    On the good side, you did get a nice workout.

  2. I'm loving the snow-except I got stuck in the parking lot at my work. LOL

  3. We have snow too. Great huge piles of it so that the kids are having a blast on their mini mountains!

  4. Brandy--jealous? I'll send you some :)

    Ames--it isn't so bad, just hard work shoveling!

    Meretta, the kids love it and at least now they can play :)

  5. Have you had snow.... hee hee.

    We had snow for two days the other week and Shropshire ground to a halt - just think if they had Canada snow here there would be no work, no school, no transport, no nothing for months!!!

    It is nice to see everything starting to come back to life this time of year, the crocus', daffs, snowdrops are all peeping up to say hello - beautiful. I missed that in Singapore when EVERYDAY looked exactly the same all year round.....