Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yikes--I just did a MySpace page. Haven't got a Scooby what to do with it LOL.

If you want a peek the link is
Come be my friend!!

PS. Almost forgot :) I blogged on Killer Passion today, something about horror movies and me being a wimp :)


  1. Have fun with it. I don't have one, but alot of others do!

  2. Hmmmm...I've thought about getting one, but haven't quite decided on the merits of it all.

    Let us know how it goes?

  3. I friended you! I was skeptical too, but a lot of people have them, and you can have such cool friends, like Johnny Depp, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith. Total fangirl moment, sorry...

  4. I'll let you know how it goes LOL.

    Stacy~ thank you--and I'm going to check out your friends and Bailey's LOL. Looks like lots of people I'd love to know--as opposed to some really weirdos who approached me when I first signed up :)

  5. I've never had any desire to get a MySpace page, but I hope you have fun with it. :)