Friday, March 02, 2007

Beta Blogger

Somehow I accidentally switched to the new blogger. Please email me if there is something wrong with it, OK?

I will come visit everyone very soon. I have the sore throat from hell and DH put his back out. Things are a bit complicated right now :)

Isadora is a Princess--never written about a Princess before...

Happy Friday, everyone :)


  1. Feel better soon, Toni!

  2. Sorry to hear you're sick now! Hope you and DH both get better - I know about bad backs and when it's out, there's nothing worse. Hope you can help in with the kiddoes!

  3. I'm ok, I hope :) Just a bit of a cold. DH is at the chiropracter. Hope he's feeling better.

  4. You don't have any books coming out that you've never told me about, do you? :o

    Watch those colds, they can bite you.

    You hope who's feeling better, DH or the chiropractor? LOL

    Both of you get feeling better soon. *smooches*

  5. LOL--unlike Jill, not yet ;)

  6. I got forced onto the new blogger too.

    Feel better soon.