Thursday, March 08, 2007

Defenders of Wildlife

I saw this on Stacy's blog and it makes my blood boil--just as it does when I hear about the various countries wanting to get rid of the whaling ban.

Anyway... straight from Stacy's blog...

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to strip wolves of crucial Endangered Species Act protections in the Northern Rockies. Such a plan would allow Wyoming and Idaho to move forward with plans to eliminate as many wolves as possible within their borders.

Please help save these magnificent animals. Tell the federal government to maintain federal protections for gray wolves by sending a message at the website below: Help generate 200,000 comments to federal officials -- take action at the website above, then forward this message on to others who care about wildlife.

Personally I love wolves, to the extreme that they feature in my first novel, Her Sanctuary. Most of the fears humans have of wolves are based on myth and misinformation.


  1. Horrifying, isn't it?

    Thanx for posting this, Toni :)

  2. Stacy~ I'm not anti hunting for every single animal out there, but really, this seems crazy. And who is ordering it I wonder? Wolves are top predators and will reach their own population levels without worrying humans too much. Have you read 'The Loop' by Richard Evans? That is all about the opposition to wolves and trappers.

  3. I don't think it's an irrational fear of wolves that has spurred this, but most likely ranchers trying to protect their livestock.

    We have the same kind of idiocy going on in Canada in regards to coyotes, beavers, grasshoppers...anything that damages the land or crops or human interests.

    AHEM. Let's say we focus on the detrimental effects of urbanization, pesticide/herbicide usages and pollution and leave the animals to themselves?

    There's a snow goose cull in the works right now, because their overpopulated numbers are supposedly damaging the tundra.

    I think the more we interfere with the cycles of nature the worse things are.

    Humans can be an incredibly stupid lot sometimes.

    Just my humble opinion. ;)

    BTW, has Rae Monet seen this? She's a great advocate for wolves, as well.

  4. AAARGH! This makes me FURIOUS. Thanks for pointing it out, Toni and Stacy.

  5. Meretta, good idea, I'll email Rae :)

  6. Toni, I've moved back to the other "secret" weblog. Let me know if you don't have the url any more (I'm moderating comments on the old one so if you leave an email address I won't publish it), or visit if you do. Please leave your link as it is for now, ta.

  7. Diane, poor you :( That sucks.

  8. Ooh, Toni, been meaning to tell you, there have been several wolf sightings around Whistler -- last winter and this one. In the backcountry, and along the periphery of the community ... something not seen before, I am given to understand.
    Very exciting.
    Something so primal about those animals, so very wild and romantic.

  9. I've seen one in the Whiteshell east of here. Very cool. Adn I saw foot prints in the sand beside riverbeds in northern labrador. Also very cool :) Hope Whistler looks after them :)