Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well today is the Ides of March--important only if you are Julius Caesar and the year is 44 BC.

It means half the month is gone already!! Argh. How the heck did that happen? We are freezing our bahooties off again--and Italy sounds so appealing...

I need a holiday!

Where would you go if you could take off today?


  1. Definitely would be Hawaii, the Big Island. The place we last stayed at had a little private beach with a bar just a few steps away. I'd like to be there right now with a foo foo drink and no family with a pile of good books. And maybe a cute cabana boy.

  2. The mountains. There's something so peaceful about them for me.

  3. I did take today off, and crossed country to see a friend. We have big snow forecast in the UK again this weekend. Watch it blow right over us.

  4. I'd head to a spa resort - any spa resort, and have every body/face/manicure/pedicure treatment I could get!

    My shoulders and neck are killing me, and I have to sleepover in the hospital with my DD tonight for a procedure tomorrow. I've already booked a massage for 5 p.m. after I get her home!

  5. Tuscany. Or Provence. I have a hankering to see that part of France after having watched A Good Year.

  6. I'd be off to Hawaii, too. Or New Zealand.

    Best wishes to your daughter, Laurie!

  7. Oh, they all sound so good!!!
    Diane--I hope you avoid the snow, unless you want to do some sledding :)

    Laurie, I hope DD is well tomorrow :) And that massage sounds well deserved.