Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm almost done the first 3 chapters of my wip. Izzy and Sebastian are about to face one of those life altering moments. All good--or rather it will be eventually.

I wanted to explain why I use celebrities, or film stars, or models (out of the Boden catalogue), as inspiration for my characters' looks. The main reason is, I can find multiple images of them wearing many different sorts of clothes, in many different types of setting. I can picture their faces in different moods, laughing, grim, sad, happy.

And in some ways I'm thinking--isn't this cheating? Where's my imagination for God's sake?

But the thing is I have so many stories and characters in my head I need to assign them a strong image that keeps them fixed inside my brain. Otherwise my French princess will start looking like the FBI agent, and worse, acting like her. And my rich banker (not rhyming slang BTW) will start hitching up his cowboy pants and shoving his dark blond hair off his forehead, when he's supposed to have short dark hair and be too suave to hitch or shove anything.

I'm a very visual person. This is how I work.


  1. I am not visual at all. I can't see a picture and then picture it for myself, hence all my characters are completely from imagination and in truth I don't know exactly what they look like. I know their hair color, eye color, basic lines of their face, but the image changes depending on my mood.

    Its been a blast planning my kitchen. My husband and contractor know exactly how it is going to look, I'm totally in the dark. But I trust both of them, they are both more visually intuned than I am.

  2. I'm not overly visual either. I cringe when DH starts drawing me maps and illustrations. I'd rather read directions that look at them.

    I do laminate pictures of my characters though.

    Need anything laminated? ;)

  3. *than look* rather than *that look* ;)

  4. I'm a little bit of both, but I do like to visualize, to give me a clear picture of what I imagine the scene (characters, etc) to look like. I'm not as much into the details - eye color can be light or dark vs. blue or brown - but I do need a general idea of what the person should look like. That's just me.

  5. Although I already answered this on your myspace blog, I'm going to add something here. I will sometimes visualize a character and then pick out someone who is close to that vision.

  6. Tell me you didn't find Clive in a Boden categlogue?? I want one!!! :)

    I'm more along Bailey's lines -- I need to imagine my character from scratch up, and them I find images that 'evoke' the book world and characters I've already created in mind. I DO need to 'see' it all in my head, though.

  7. Yep--Loreth I already have an idea of the looks in my head, and then I find someone who crystalizes that for me.

    Bailey--am I boring you? LOL

  8. I'm with you, Toni and Loreth - I have an image in my head of my characters and then I check out celebrity sites, or subjects on Google (hence my pics of my gang mmembers).

    I have them taped on the wall directly in front of my desk - I even found an image of a strip bar that serves me well for inspiration, even though I'm not describing it that way in the WIP. It's a quick way to get fired up in the a.m. and back to work!