Thursday, March 01, 2007


Isadora and Sebastian.

What do you think?

LOL. I've written four books!! Woohooo. Not today--but in total.

The plot developing in my head for the next one feels like fun too, just have to make sure it isn't cliched. Wow. I love this stage, the start, mapping out the characters, mapping out the setting, the story, the problems, the reason why these two people fall in love with each other when there is a world of other people to fall for.

I mean really--why do we fall in love?


  1. Hey congrats on 4 books - that's an awesome accomplishment. Here's to 4(x's 10) more!

    Oh I adore Clive Owen, and Neve Campbell is very pretty. Why is it that pretty people can look good with any hairstyle??? No fair.

    Why do we fall in love? Ha, now there's a question. I don't think it's a simple answer: attraction, values, common interests, similar outlook on life, right time/right place. Mix it all together and you still might be missing some ingredients or not have enough of one and too much of another. It's a crazy business, I tell ya.

  2. They make a lovely pair. Love your names, as well. :)

  3. I'm getting read to start as well, but it is a lot more work this time around. And romance is not even secondary anymore, falls back to third.

    Glad you're enjoying it the pre-work.

  4. Stacy, I think you hit most of the notes. Basic attraction, common values, respect, then comes emotional trust, learning all about the other person and still wanting to spend time with them LOL. And timing--oh boy is timing important.

    And who knows how much is instinctual or biological? Our DNA saying, *him* but *not him*?

  5. Meretta--I can't decide on Sebastian for sure... I love the name but will people accept the 'Seb' abbreviation?

  6. I love the name Sebastian. I used that name for one of my hero's once, a manuscript that I never finished. Someday...

  7. Absolutley cannot go wrong with Clive Owen!!! I ADORE him, and he can be so uber alpha and sensitive at the same time. Gives me shivers :) :)

    Like the name Sebastian, too!! Sounds good, Toni

  8. Wow! Four books - that's fab. BTW, Happy St. David's Day!

  9. Siobhan! Happy St David's Day to you too!!

    Thanks Loreth--I know you love Clive ;)

  10. They look gorgeous - and I didn't even recognize them! And 4 books! Time flies, doesn't it? I can still remember critting Storm Warning with you. :)

  11. Great pair.

    4 books - awesome.

    Why do we fall in love? Boredom? *gg*

  12. Thanks guys--yes four books.

    Laurie, I still have Storm Warning. I plan to look at it in the fall if I haven't sold it by then. I love those characters :)

    Bailey--boredom, I don't think so ;)