Friday, March 30, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

Sometimes being a parent is just plain weird.

I refer to the practice of body part removal. Make that baby-tooth removal and I pulled my first one today. My daughter was just the bravest little thing. She stood there looking at me like I was a complete moron as I failed to grasp the wonky tooth firmly enough between shaky fingers. When I finally got the bloody thing out, with that horrid little snapping sensation, she looked at me like I'd finally passed some sort of parental test--as if giving birth and slavery isn't enough.

But the major problem I have with the whole tooth fairy business (wikipedia just enhanced my unease) is, What do you do with the teeth once you've impersonated a fairy?

We have this beautiful pewter box for DD's teeth (from Auntie Deb). But one day we forgot to do the whole tooth-fairy payment/removal thing and now we have to add salt to the pot (literally) because that's how tooth-fairies know it's here in Canada (DH thought that one up; quick on his feet huh?). Another time we paid up, but forgot to take the tooth so she got money two nights running. *sigh*

But what do I do with these little pearly white teeth? I can't throw them away. I can't make a necklace out of them. If the police search my house they're going to think I'm a freak.

So okay, I'm a freak :)

What do you do with unsavoury body parts?


  1. My daughter was just like me when it came time to pulling her first tooth - terrified. I remember howling and clamping my hands over my mouth over and over again to keep my mom from getting my tooth out. In fact, I'd let it get so loose that I was in danger of suddenly swallowing it! Now, of course, my daughter is just fine with the whole process since she's pulled the last two or three. Go figure!

  2. I've never had kids, but don't some people put their kids' first tooth/teeth in some sort of memory box?

  3. My son just lost another tooth this weekend, one of front top two. We save them, probably in a jewelry box or some such. I don't think the cops will think anything of it. My guess is that all parents have a cache of teeth somewhere.

  4. LOL. As the mother of a child who is missing 5 teeth in front at the moment (and she's the third child), I consider myself an expert on this topic. This is how it all works in our house. Good call with the salt, though. ;)

    A. The tooth fairy does not always come on the first night. We surmise this is due to high volumes of activity in the fairy world. Or sometimes her little bag is just too full and she doesn't stop. Sometimes the room is TOO MESSY and she can't find the tooth (in which case it's a good idea to clean the room).

    B. The toothfairy does not always take the tooth. Sometimes she leaves it behind. We do not know why as of yet, but there is much lively speculation.

    C. Sentimentality (for us) waned after having kept around 10 teeth. Then it just became a bag of teeth. Plus I'm horrible at hiding things and run the risk of having it found. We now dispose of ours.

  5. Melissa--I'm sure I was like that too :)

    Diane--We have keepsake boxes but the kids dig through them every so often, and if I want to maintain the illusion of supernatural beings from Santa to fairies I need to secrete them away for a few more years.

    Scott--I think you're right. LOL at the royal 'we' BTW.

    M--LOLOL. I think I need you here :) I envisage bags of teeth here which is a worry!

  6. I remember my youngest DS's teeth coming out - I have never tried to assist in their removal just letting nature it's course. Anyway DS just sat their for days (not literally!) making a horrible slurpy noise cos of this wobbly little critter! I had a wisdom tooth out 2 weeks ago and the fairies still haven't been for it - thought I might get an Aston Martin for it at least!!! ;-)

  7. My Daughter lost her first teeth when she fell and knocked them out. She's going to be 12 next month and I recently found my cache of her and my Son's teeth in my delicates drawer. It creeped me out, so I finally got the courage to throw them out. What was I going to do keep them until I passed on? I know it seems silly, but I didn't want the kids to find them then. I mean they'll know and children of their own, but still.
    As for the actual visits, the Tooth Fairy has cut it close a few times, geting the tooth and placing the money there say, when it was time to wake the kids!

  8. Hmm--Deb, I didn't get an Aston Martin when I had my wisdom teeth *surgically removed*. In fact I seem to remember getting grapes and sniggers from a dear friend, despite the fact I looked like I'd been beaten up...

    Brandy, nothing delicate about my drawers :D I'm glad you found the strength to get rid of them. I don't know what I'm going to do when DS starts losing his too!

  9. I bury unsavory body parts in the backyard with the alarm clocks. LOL

    I don't think my parent's kept ours - at least in all of this cleaning of mom's stuff I haven't seen any.

    Oh, and blogger finally likes me again and today's post is up - it's Jill!!!

  10. What a sweet story! And a little box from jewelry might work, right?

  11. Bailey--mine didn't keep mine that's for sure ;)

    Olga--I have them in a necklace box--nothing fancy, but it will get very crowded it there :)

  12. My kids swallowed their first teeth and I only found out about it when they had a gapped look in the a.m. and blood on the pillowcase - so I was spared the weebly-wobbly stuff. :) The tooth fairy came later when they'd bring them to me, having pulled them out themselves - my DD was especially bad for this, wiggling any tooth she could, just for the quarter! Our fairy put the tooth in a sandwich bag, and then put the quarter in same bag so nothing could get lost in the bed.

    Once they had to have teeth surgically removed from inside their palates, the tooth fairy moved on! I think I still have them somewhere in my undies or jewellry drawer too. Funny the things we keep as mementos of our kiddo's!