Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ever go through those stages when life is just crazy busy? I have barely been visiting anyone on blogs, I haven't looked at MySpace for God knows how long. I don't remember the last time I cleaned and I haven't even practised letters with my son for a couple of days.

On the plus side my page count in 101 pages (25,250 words), the story is flowing like the best Bordeaux. You can tell I'm back in my comfort zone of killing people. True love is much, much harder to pull off than bashing someone over the head with a ball-peen hammer.

I judged the Daphne for my Kiss of Death writing group, I've started a bunch of seeds indoors, the washing is being hung outside in the fresh above-zero wind, we're cycling to school and the kids are dirty happy from playing outside. I've spent the last 2 months doing fabulous courses on Syn(opses) and sex (ual tension) and am loving what Mary Buckham has to teach.

Unfortunately I still have tonnes to do. Enter the PASIC book-of-my-heart contest, follow up some submissions, file my taxes (LOL), make a book trailer for Blade Hunter and promo my up coming release in June, but I'm still waiting on cover art for that project.

What I'm trying to say--badly--is I'm sorry for not getting around much. I know other people are very busy right now too .

What about you? Busy? Bored?

PS. Happy Birthday Janny :)


  1. Hey, life, and writing happens. Fabulous news on 101 pages - that's a lot! Keep it up Toni. I bet you're getting all your stress out when you're killing all those people LOL.

  2. Me? Busy. I'm one of those bad bloggers - welcome to the club.

    WhooHoo on the 101 pages - you go girl.

    And love the Sean Bean. *gg*

  3. 25,000 is 100 pages? I did not know that! Cool!

    And yummy pic of Mr. Bean. I LUUURVE Mr. Bean. I want to have 30 babies with him.

    Or at least *try*.

    He was one of the first men on my ravished list. Yummmmmm.

  4. Stacy~I always find killing people a big stress release. It's easier if you are in the POV of the killer rather than the victim though ;/

    Bails--I know... too busy!

    Isabella, 25K is 100 pages in most traditional publishers eyes (using courier 12), word count is my very least favorite thing to deal with in writing. Except rejection :D

  5. PS. Mr Bean. This picture reminds me of DH on a super scruffy day LOL. He's a lovely man :)

  6. Well...I'm sort of busy. Sort of not. Work is crazy busy, but the homelife isn't bad. I took another nap last night....hehe...I think that's just the day job getting to me.

    I've noticed the Blogosphere has been a bit quiet lately. I think it's spring fever. ;-)

    LOVE the pic of Sean Bean!

  7. Busy :)

    Speaking of MySpace, DD tells me, "duh, no one (which means her 20-something buddies) uses MySpace anymore, mom! Everyone's like, at Facebook now."
    Apparently it started as some kind of student network that has expanded something huge. Seems as though just when the masses finally cotton onto something, the frontrunners simply move on to newer ground. Can't keep up.

    Barely any of her contemps read, either .. books, that is. Which is really sad :(