Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Bachelor 4

I have a sinful confession to make... DH is away and I have complete control over the remote. It was Monday night and I couldn't find anything on, so I started watching THE BACHELOR 4. LOL. And now I'm hooked, so for once DH is going to have to suck up a reality TV show that I want to watch :)

One of the reasons I'm hooked is I just started an online course on Sexual Tension with Mary Buckham (who is awesome), so it was kind of fun to watch this whole crazy platform of a TV show.

The guy is cute. And a naval officer. And a doctor (not always a plus in my book). And he seems so bloody nice. And if I hadn't met Americans like that, I wouldn't have believed in him for a second.

There was this awful girl on the show who didn't get picked--and she was a total b*tch, but it still made me sad when she cried, the poor misguided soul. Just reminded me 'everyone is the hero of their own story' even if they're completely delusional.


  1. Wow, he looks too ... unreal ... to be true. Sort of like a male human barbie. And he's a doc? Brains to go with those pretty blue eyes and smile? He's broken hearts in his life, I'm sure.
    Don't blame you for watching, Toni. All in the name of research, of course :)

  2. I don't watch the reality t.v. stuff. Drives me batty. Someone I know has a roommate, Tessa, who was one of the contestants. She wasn't the bitch, was she? LOL.

    He's cute, but I was more impressed by his credentials. He sounds like something out of a romance novel. Have fun with your research.

  3. I agree ladies - and he does look like a romance hero. I don't watch The Bachelor, too many shows have me stuck already to add that one.

  4. Loreth--you should check out the bio. He's a poor boy made good and a world class Tri-athlete. No way I'd get into a cossy with this guy around ;)

    Tessa was lovely Stacy and got through :)

    So... romance heroes... so they do exist (apart from DH)?

  5. Wow. Good looking guy. Smart and atheletic. I can see why they chose him!

    Have fun watching, Toni!

  6. I, too, don't watch reality tv. To be honest, I detest it. But, I have to say this guy DOES seem just like the hero in a romance novel.