Monday, April 16, 2007


Well life as a writer is a little slow right now. Still waiting for cover art for Blade Hunter which comes out in June. I'm working happily on my wip, editing what I wrote last week trying to weave the threads together and it struck me I might need to start my story eleven years ago, ARGH!!

It's a toss up. Start with the crime? Start with the characters? It's a romantic suspense story, but I'm hoping it is more along the lines of a crime solving/police procedural series where the romance evolves over a three book arc. But each book will focus on a specific crime.

Sometimes I get totally confused by definitions and trying to fit my writing in a box. It's a bit like trying to sort out the difference between single title and mainstream. Is ST 'romance' and mainstream 'not'?

Not in my reading experience.

On the home front I spent the day in the garden (it has almost defrosted) and then DH and I tried to fix the TV/DVD player in the playroom. The DVD cradle is stuck open. We managed to get the casing apart, pried out an unknown DVD disc, eventually put it back together again, but still the stupid thing won't work. Talk about frustration and taming the desire to throw something through a window.

My fiery Celtic nature and DH's viking roots were showing ;)


  1. Sorry to hear that your dvd player is broke.
    And the worry over defining your work should soon sort itself out.

  2. LOL at the Celtic/Viking clash. I can hear the clash of swords and see the flying sparks from here :)

  3. I think I know where the expression "the grass is always greener" came from.

    Apart from a high penny golf course, I've never seen such green grass!

  4. I can hear the clash of swords and see the flying sparks from here

    Is that what that bright light from the North was ...

  5. Sorry about the DVD player.

    No wonder it rained today. LOL

  6. The DVD player looks stupid because it is sticking out like a tounge from the TV.

    Anyway, it is the kid's problem really :(

    Isabella--well the UK is generally green/ all the rain is good for something ;) Where are you again? I forget.

    Ahem--yes. I wouldn't mind being the bright light from the north, but somehow I doubt it ;) I was very restrained. Considering :)

  7. Can't wait to see your cover art! I know what you mean about trying to "pigeonhole" your work into RS ST or Mainstream. A three-book arc sounds more ST, for sure. Good luck with it!

    Sorry about your DVD player, too - aren't kiddoes so special on days like today? :)

  8. We would be in deep trouble without our DVD player since we don't have cable!

  9. Hugs on DVD player. We have one, as well as cable, but the frequency we use them, they mostly serve for the decoration of the room.